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Be it Smoothini’s salt trick in America’s Got Talent or Richard Jones’s card trick in Britain’s Got Talent, many famous magicians have won quite a lot of praise with their brilliant magic tricks, in which they transforms and fools everyone. But still, there are a lot of tricks whose secrets are still unknown and everyone wants to decode what’s behind the scenes, and if possible get their secrets exposed.
So, in part 5 of our magic series video, we’ll be finally exposing the secrets behind the world’s 10 Greatest Magic Tricks.

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Below is the featured list of the world’s 10 greatest magic tricks revealed:
At number 10: Smoothini’s German Salt Trick (America’s Got Talent)
At number 9: Jamie Raven’s Gold Fish (Britain’s Got Talent)
At number 8: Dynamo’s Shard Levitation Stunt
At number 7: Coin through Glass Trick
At number 6: Spoon Bending Illusion
At number 5: Walking through a Brick wall
At number 4: The vanishing Liquid Trick
At number 3: David Blaine’s Cigarette through a Coin Trick
At number 2: David Copperfield Disappears Statue of Liberty
At number 1: Richard Jones’s Card Trick (Britain’s Got Talent)

So guys, which magic secrets would you like us to reveal in our upcoming Magic Reveal videos?
Leave us a comment below..
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FactoFusion says:

Are there any suggestion or ideas for our upcoming Magic Reveal videos?

Amed Kalaj says:

You already said that he's above the top..
And you clearly can see that he's above..
The cable's would be horizontally


I don’t understand ur English

Hamid jahangir says:

You are owsum

Lahan Samarakoon says:

03:21 bruh literary how the hell can we use cables when he goes above the building .. you think we can add cables in the Sky 😂😂

Dave Montes says:

This is not how Houdini did it.

artist unkown says:

Houdini trick explanation is so wrong, because people would already realize the number of the assistants after changing. so there must be another explanation.

Aríhan says:

are yoi indian ?

Dr.Strange says:

Is he Indian?

bill green says:

You see movement sundial effect with lighting by the black rim of radar and a bush and white sheet does not drop all the way to hide waypoint areas plus you could just raise platform higher up sun meets the horizon Franz Harary pythonify Santa fe hotel vanish and reappear ideas concepts

bill green says:

Plus sundial effect on the black circle rim of the radar device either the two towers gener electric bright lights or stage lights not on the lazy suzan reflecting on radar rim you see movme

jason boyd says:

These are the best?? HA, I can fold a dollar bill in half and make it upside down. sarcasm 😂😂😂

Himanshu Goel says:

I don't think you are saying right

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