The Biggest World's Greatest Magic Trick Collection

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A magic show is a tried and tested way to keep kids happy and enthralled. Sometimes, looking at all those incredible goings on, we can’t help exclaiming: ’’How is it possible?!’’
For all those eager to find out the truth, we can now reveal the explanations behind five of the most popular magic tricks. Sometimes the explanation of the most dazzling and mysterious magic trick is right there on the surface!

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Taghreed Abdullah says:

Bending a spoon is easy but I can bend a fork and knife

Henry Lauderdale says:

U showed the secret of magic

Mobile Homes says:

The spoon one I could already do I can literally bend Metal no magic tricks I can already bend metal no joke

BrockGamerTV says:

Michael Jackson in the back hee hee’

Isaac Martin says:

Talk about a trick up your sleeve.

MrsBohnert says:

magic isn't real everyone knows that and no I'm not subscribing

Georgia Zheng says:

The dove has to be small though

Georgia Zheng says:

Ha ha mochas…not funny

Georgia Zheng says:

Magic or illusion or magic trick



linda he says:

He said:"A card on a can" instead of "A can on a card"!

Jesi Dressesr says:

Yes I did get it

Andy the pro gamer says:

its the same tricks every 30 mins but the video is 2 hours so its repeating the same tricks every 30 mins

Janis Magone says:

2 hours: n o *medium volume tree hitting a house or something*

Wliby says:

16:09 i saw it in real life and i was shock but im a game so i say it just a glitch

Trislan triceratops mcdonald's dinosaurs kid says:

There is no game referencce

Holea Stroud says:

I get the reference lol

Tina Childs says:

Ya got the matrix reference

Aston Salinas says:

these are cool tricks

John Eduard Medalla says:

10:34 imagination 🌈

Zian jay martinez says:

in my school there was a guy that can do the magic called torn banknote 9:57

Zian jay martinez says:

but the magican has no fire

Zian jay martinez says:

in my best friend,s birthday he has a magican and made a whit cloth into a bird

Zian jay martinez says:

this is 2 hours long WTFUCK

Ijeoma Ukonu says:

HAW goooooo treke

Prudence Vilakazi says:

He replay the same tricks

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