We Ruined An Award Show | Hasanabi Reacts to JiDion & Niko Omilana (FINALE)

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Hasan reacts to the FINALE of The Biggest Menace, Niko and JiDion’s prank war where they keep making each other do bigger and bigger stunts until one of them folds!

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(Yes, right now it’s just me making everything)

Editor’s Note: My edits were all made to keep the video on one, central topic by editing together relevant commentary from many parts of Hasan’s streams to create a storyline that is still followable by the viewer. I also edited in commentary of my own in places, in addition to relevant external information that improves the viewing experience. A lot of edits were made for comedy purposes, or to enhance the comedic timing of certain beats, but never to misrepresent Hasan’s point of view.

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Unless otherwise stated, all visuals, audio, and commentary added during the editing process is created and owned by Hasan Reactions.

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About Hasan:
Hasan Piker is Political Commentator turned Twitch Streamer (#13) known for his Turkish heritage and leftist takes, often speaking on topics like Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, and Marxism (and occasionally 9/11). He loves reacting to political news, and occasionally goes on IRL adventures with his friends. He likes to react to popular media content with his audience as well, such as Jubilee, JCS (Jim Can’t Swim), Joe Rogan, Andrew Tate, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Channel 5, trending Twitter posts or TikToks, and other creative videos.


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