Waugh lauds good friend Rahul Dravid

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Steve Waugh reveals a story about when Indian legend Rahul Dravid approached him for advice on how to improve his ODI game


Shivam P says:

that was a "paataa" wicket, any fool can play.
this series Pakistan made test wickets like just plain batting pitches.
in this series there were lot of runs, centuries, double and evn triple centuries.
that was something different from Pakistan????

Rohan choudhury says:

Yup he is surely one of best in cricket history when it comes to test matches ….A true master of the longer format …a formidable opponent for the bowlers …

Swathisri Viswanath says:

Jammy always humble you are gentleman and sweet melting Mysore pak sweetie pie jammy another Rahul Dravid will not be y love you too much rahul Dravid sir w

Swathisri Viswanath says:

Gentle men jammy and Steve Waugh

jaimin shah says:


Khishore S says:

player with no haters

sachin kunder says:

32 cutlet bechna padta hai har videos dekhnese pahle….

Indian says:

That timee cricketers were fabulous. Talented but very humble, down to earth.

Shabbir Husain says:

They are the Real Characters and Gentlemen of the Game 👍🏻

Emmanuel T says:

Sheer class..
Wall we call
Wall forever
Fan Forever of Wall

NoFavors says:

Steve was the last gentleman captain aussies have had.

Arun Sadasivan says:

The wall didn't get the same kind of recognition that Sachin got

Saurabh Gupta says:

What a Player ! Both steve n rahul !

kevin smith says:

I didn't respect Dravid as a player. He was the reason I started watching Cricket in the first place and will always be his biggest fan. Dravid at 50 is better than all present day Indian test batsmen including Kohli, Pujara and Rahane.

Jaithirtha cr says:

Current indian team reqiures a player like dravid.

Manoj Bala says:

Dravid was definitely my favourite. Till date

Shankar Narayana says:

Dravid at Adelaide – 233 and 74. India today- 244 and 36

gimmigota1 says:

Rahul asking Waugh for advice showed how determined was he to make it to the ODI & Test sides. Brilliant.

Nandini Ravi says:

Rahul David is the great wall of india

Nandini Ravi says:

My favorite cricket hero

Pradyumna Sheshadri says:

Rahul Dravid's defence is the best thing to watch in cricket

Adhithya Rajasekaran says:

Kids around me wanted MRF bat but i always wanted a Britannia.

Paras Joshi says:

Top 4 test batsmen from 90's
Steve Waugh

I will not include Pointing because he always struggle against spinners and have pathetic records in turning pitches

ssk rth says:

I wish i could see adilade test 233 live….

Satish K says:

Karnataka Kishora – Rahul Dravid. That is what we use to call him.

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