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The Try Guys Zach Kornfeld Once Proved His ARMY Status By Baking A 7 Layer BTS Cake – Bangtan Army

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The Try Guys Zach Kornfeld Once Proved His ARMY Status By Baking A 7 Layer BTS Cake – Bangtan Army

He may have taken it a bit TOO far…

Zach Kornfeld from The Try Guys is a huge fan of BTS and even used the band as inspiration for an episode of their baking competition! He even occasionally refers to himself as the Jimin of The Try Guys since he believes he fills the same lovable role.

Zach was even in BTS’s top 5 Spotify listeners last year, proving he really streams the group’s music.

For their newest season of Without a Recipe, a series where the four Try Guys attempt baking various desserts without instructions, the guys were assigned ice cream cake.

So far, Zach had been following his theme of the “sound of the summer,” which, for this episode, he said was BTS!

Zach took inspiration from the “Dynamite” music video when it came to adding food coloring to the cake! The goal was to be able to see 7 distinct layers when cutting into it.

Zach may have taken his BTS influence a bit too far when he added 5 sticks of butter to his frosting. He said he chose a buttercream frosting since the song of the summer is “Butter.” At least he dyed it purple, in true ARMY fashion!

He used a stencil to add the BTS logo on top of the cake, and even used the quote “Teamwork makes the dream work” while frosting it!

Unfortunately, Zach’s cake overwhelmed the judges with its various flavors and textures. But his effort and his love for BTS totally came through in this episode!

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Commitment to BTS is always respected.

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