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The REAL reason why ELON bought TWITTER

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The Wet Slap is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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The Bronx Boglehead says:

Elon fan boys will believe anything I swear

Thizlam says:

Dude saw some random post on Facebook and went with it 😂

HereForOneThing says:

Even if he buys twitter. We’ll still be able to see his flights.

Nez-Gars says:

Yeah that guy saw a post in Instagram and ran with it

J Ward says:

The guy does track his planes, but he’s not going to kick the guy off. The guy could simply go on FB and post it. Dumb

TraO says:

Yeah thats it… hmmm i will spend 50 billion dollars to get a kid on twitter… sure that makes all the sense in the world… or maybe the richest guy on the planet could, if this was the reason, make this kid disappear for a fraction of 50 million…. Shit he lives like 50 miles from brownsville tx, he could have it done for a couple hundred bucks and a taco.

Billy Pardew says:

What are these guys like 13 come on dude

Christopher Babcock says:

He already dealt with the kid

SBS Tutorials says:

I hate youtube shorts like you wouldn't believe. Such bottom of the barrel content.

Cullen says:

While the kid is true, this is not his reason for buying it.

Michael Conway says:

Why doesn’t the kid just tweet it out now stupid!

Monkey D. Luffy says:

This better be a joke or my fate in humanity is gone

Johnny Mn4monic says:

This is the stupidest theory I've heard

Matthew Kasica says:

Nothing about the freedom of speech and censorship

izoli says:

The kid wants way less money to stop doing that than it takes to buy twitter🤣 Elon just offered not much money to get him to stop. Either way someone else probably will because it's public info.

Niccster10 says:

The kid could just post his shit on some other platform genius lol

Dillon Keller says:

That's not why, that's just a joke

Connor Chaffee says:

Elon is the only dude I'd be ok with taking over the world

Corey Abraham says:

No it was to expose the fraud and all the bots that are on there and that it was actually controlled by the CIA as a track and trace All the algorithms that they had on there on track and ChaseI'm trying to commercialize everythingShow the stockholders all the bots and all the investors investors and people paying for commercials saying that there was so many millions of people and ended up half of them were fakeShows we the people the corruptionAnd everything media
Get off social media if you can't delete yourSocial media delete the app off your phone get everybody off of social media

Martin Shkreli says:

Flights are public.

Nizo says:

Thats not true lol

Marcello Jefferson says:

He said why he was buying it….shouldn’t you use the man’s own words

Evan Samson says:

Every single plane is tracker-able it’s called abs-out

Mark Goodwin says:

Morons if he wanted to get rid of this kid there's alot cheaper ways to do that and if he wanted to take over the world buying Twitter wouldn't be the way to do that eather

T C says:

These boys been smoking too much weeds couldn't do his time in the basement

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