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The Real Reason Elon Is Buying Twitter

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In this video, I’ll discuss the real reason as to why does Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter.

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0:00 – Intro
0:32 – What happened?
5:29 – Why Elon wants to buy Twitter?
7:43 – Is it a good thing?
8:29 – What to expect as a shareholder?

*None of this is meant to be construed as investment advice, it’s for entertainment purposes only. Some of the links and other products that appear on this video are from companies which Kelvin Learns Investing will earn an affiliate commission or referral bonus.*

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Jimmy Rey says:

He wants to be the next President of the US

ChilledGameZone says:

did you ever speak to chicken genius. he left all his followers in the lurch

John Wig says:

It's a reminder how Elon got famous. Because of his tweets, ppl like his personality. Tesla/SpaceX is just secondary.

Lawrence Tate says:

If Musk bought ALL of TWTR, why are there shares available to buy?


Can you make a video on gold investment for portfolio diversification? Paper gold vs physical gold etc?

叶东嘉 says:

Hi Kelvin!I'm Fred Ye from China,I really like your videos and I can promote your financial video to China.Can I get a video authorization from you?

Kelvin Tan says:

(Feedback) I feel like finance contents tends to repeat telecast, creator after creator- essentially talking about the same thing. At the beginning phase, it's value adding but once you follow a plethora of creators it's just repetitive

pintuwang says:

I would buy a GCB with change to spare instead of Twitter

Neutral User says:

In my opinion, he needs a ready social media with a sizable subscribers including public figures, celebrities, etc for his upcoming phone business. If he needs an open source social media platform, he can create one but it will be too slow and chances of success is slim as there are giants like Meta to compete especially he is using twitter now. To gather so many subscribers for his phone without a good social media platform, the chances of phone business taking off is low.

Roland Tan says:

EM will use Twitter platform as advertisements for tesla. So it will be good for tesla. Perhaps some of Tesla negative marketing were fake, or tesla supporters were illegally deleted by twitter. So EM buying Twitter is a good thing.

Shyan Yew says:

Hi Kelvin. Please do also share what to expect as a Tesla Shareholder? 😊

Rajesh - Just a guy says:

I think he's also probably going to marry Twitter with Crypto somehow…

Sean Daniel says:

When deal finalized it'll be my portfolio ….Twitter/Tesla/Apple!!!

jl09 says:

lol was imagining you saying "poison pill? can eat one ah?"

david68323 says:

the reason dodge coin went up is becuase elon said ealier before the takeover that twitter subscribion fee will be better if it allows paying by dodge coin.

Lattentea 咖啡茶香 Tan says:

Just in time video. So will u guys- the Tesla supporters join in to sell?

Christian Wong says:

Kelvin, TSLA dropped below $900. How ah?

Youme says:

Love your summary as always! 👍

WayOfTheHei says:

Hey Kelvin, I think you might want to consider turning down the background blur on your body and hands.
Looks a bit strange when your body is as blur as the background despite being on vastly different focal planes.

Love the new cyan light, table and chair though. Nice laptop stand too.

Leslie Chiang says:

Everyone (all) is missing the point, and (digressing) I think JD departure didn't end well which is why he is proposing Elon to buy over so he can still have influence on Twitter. With Twitter, Elon will be the most richest and more powerful King of the world for a long long time. Access to good and bad, on almost anything, including which stocks to sell, which catcoin to buy as the whale of the whales, feedbacks, opinions on all topics, event predictions including black swan.

Tay Joan says:

U r so funny! Lols!

Enrique Nabi says:

Hello! I know it isnt the correct video to comment on but i would still like to ask questions about index funds/3 fund portfolio..😅

For the local stock index, lets say if i want STI which is an etf is it possible? or must it be strictly an index fund for all 3 indexes?

And for each index in the 3 fund can only invest in one etf/index fund right?

The Humble Chartist says:

I'm a noob here. But how come after being bought over it is still trading?
I thought it should be matched at $54.20. Anyone knows?

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