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The Phantom Of The SMP | Minecraft Afterlife SMP | EP. 4

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Welcome to the Afterlife SMP, A Brand new Modded Minecraft SMP.
in the Afterlife SMP you get 10 lives and each time you respawn you will get a brand new Origin!
In This Episode I Show off my new origin and then the other new origin i got because im stupid.

check out the other members of the server
@Joey Graceffa
@Katherine Elizabeth Gaming

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Emily Dempsey says:

I couldnt hear the music 🙁

Belgas Igods says:

He forgot to take the materials for a portal lol

LadyDragon says:

We can not here the music at all.Put up a selling in that place.

Caffeinated Owl7 says:

How did you get through the portal I had to get someone to make me a waystone

Caffeinated Owl7 says:

Make an umbrella

Caffeinated Owl7 says:

Looking forward to this. I am a phantom on the smp I play on

Arlene Loresco says:

New subscriber here!🤗🤗🤗🤗

Jay Melo says:

how you'll gonna get out of there now..?

Victor Schubert says:

cpk calling fwip "fwiip"

Josie Young says:

Rip to the short lived phantom. That would’ve been such a cool origin to see more of

The other magmania stan says:

You can hold an umbrella in your offhand or main hand to not burn in the sun.

random hooman says:

"I am completely translucent, I can do whatever I want"
Skeleton: Let me introduce myself

Brae says:

I appreciate how to get Ender Pearls you decided to go searching in the (extremely dangerous) nether and wander around the overworld instead of just…going to the End

Piper Addison says:

Oooo~ have we got a new ship ? Sepeakay x theorinsound

Jakki Kaminske says:

Thanks for the laugh at your expense by getting on nether roof.

Shianna Epe says:

Fwiiippp… I'm coming for you fwiiippp

– seapeekay

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