The NEWEST Party Queen is COMING to Clash of Clans!! Sneak Peek!!

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The New Party Queen is coming in the next Gold Pass! Additionally, Badzinger and EM Dragon King face off in a playoff match in the Torneo De Fuego!

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0:00 – Party Queen Skin
2:17 – Te amo Sheyla – Zap Dragon
4:37 – Black Zero – Hydra
6:18 – Jose – Blizzard Dragon
9:37 – Kaddiel – QC Hybrid
11:58 – Riqirez – Blizzard Lalo
14:45 – Blade – Zap Lalo
17:27 – Leon – Zap Dragon
20:55 – Mr Perfect – QC Hybrid
24:00 – hammertime – Mass Dragon
26:16 – Zap Dragon

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Michael Schaerer says:

Shamlsss increease of update cost

Lunox bk says:

Acc on sale…th14

Lazy Clash On ! says:


Tapan Halder says:

Kartik or manta joined this tournament

Rajesh Tandukar says:

My account hacked how can I recover it

Vang Xiong says:

Yo carbon its not Klaus like Santa klaus… its pronounce Khl-aus lol 😆😂

Oreo Team says:

The Thumbnail make me 😲

khaled Alsaleh says:

not for free again 😭

ƝᓮᗩƝᗪᖇᗩ しᗩↁᕮ⟆ says:

Code : JUDO

Hootie Mike says:

It would be cool if when you switch to the new camera you are smaller so you can walk around the map and point stuff out.

Vignesh s says:

Somebody Locked my acct.. how to retrieve this prblm.. i have contacted supercell support they asking list of device i have installed.. i don't know exactly how many devices i used @carbonfin please help me..

Ibraheem Mohsin says:

Carbon just killed it with the op thumbnail

big show says:

29:33 carbon is still perfect in jinxing

Esteban Sánchez says:

looks like dora the explorer

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