The CrossFit Games – Day 1

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The CrossFit Games – Day 1

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Bernard Blackburn says:

Wykie Etsebeth deserves more followers!! It's cool of you HTLMade that you mentioned him in this vlog!!!

A.I. says:

CrossFit Games = stupid joke

TB Bucs says:

Cross fit is just advanced gym class from HS.

Pierre-Yves Chauvet says:

Is there even one who's natty?

Cesar Lozano says:

Pretty sure none of them really wanted a monster but actually wanted some water instead lol

Q says:

soviel Stoff… Ich weiss ja nicht wie erst man diese Doping Kontrolle nehmen soll 😀

True Crypto says:

Everyone is juiced to the gills.

D C says:

Testing for CV but not for steroids….. Their idols would be doomed.

donald allen says:

I was wondering is steroids' OK here ?

Paul Thoroughgood says:

seems pretty dumb to me, why waste all that time to end up looking like a waste of space? get into construction or landscaping and go ultra hard…each to their own i guess

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