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Same dream, same mind, same night – Seventeen [Power of Love Concert 211114] HD Live Performance

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Keandra B says:

Thank you for uploading this! This song is absolutely beautiful and their performance is flawless

Jammie Jeon 잠미전 says:

Boo Seungkwan nailed it.

kura says:

While watching this I feel like I'm in heaven ( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)

aroha.estrellas says:

I am in love with this song and them 😍

N Sya says:

DK singing and smiling, my weakness 😍

Angelie Gemarino says:


Niyor says:

The last part where Joshua sings with Seungkwan is my fav part😭❤️
Joshua you did so great and I'm so proud of you.

dk is dokyeom says:

need dokyeom to stop smiling every time he sings because its giving me mini heart attacks fr

Amara Roth says:

Looking at DK singing make my day always the intro with ho ho ho and his body a little swing that blown me away

Saythename 17 says:

Why is no one talking about joshua 😭😭 he did so well

moreofkhayla says:

i love them all, they all have such beautiful voice. i am really here for woozi’s voice at 1:532:00 😭🥹 i get butterflies every time i hear him sing those notes

Anne Cabugos says:

This song is so addicting! 😭 Send help. Baby carat here

bangrus says:


Ariana Fuster says:

the best song ever

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