Ranking The BEST Weapons In Splatoon 3

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This is the final part of my version 2.0 tier list, ranking all the weapons I would consider top tier.

If you missed the other parts check out the full playlist:
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Thank you to the top players listed in this video for the background footage of their weapons.
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Music List:
Mor Ardain (Day) – Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Millick Meadows (Day) – Xenoblade Chronicles 3
The Great Sword Base (Day) – Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Hateno Village (Day) – The Legend of Zelda: BOTW
Erythia Sea (Day) – Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Oblivia (Day) – Xenoblade Chronicles X

Top Tiers – 0:00
Best At Their Job – 3:36
Splash Tier – 8:48


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