President Tito of Yugoslavia: State Visit To London (1953) | British Pathé

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President Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia is greeted by Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh on a controversial state visit to London in 1953.

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(Lav.) (Orig “F”) Selected Originals exist for this item – see other records.

London. LV. Ship “Galeb” steaming up river. CU. Name “Galeb” SV., Yugoslavian leader Broz Josip Tito descending steps and into launch followed by others. LV. Tower of London. LV. Travel shot Port of London Authority launch carrying Tito moving up River Thames. SV. Pan, launch underway. GV. Houses of Parliament. GV. Launch arriving at Westminster Pier SV. Tito shaking hands with Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh), Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. LV. Tito talking to Eden. SV. Tito talking to Prince Philip, Admiral Sir Roger McGrigor in foreground, Tito talking to Prince Philip and walks towards microphone. GV. Pier Tito at mike CU. Tito, He says: (nat. snd.) “I wish to assure the people of Great Britain … striving towards the same ends as the people of Great Britain.” LV. Tito accompanied by Philip followed by Churchill etc., walk up steps to Embankment to take salute. LV. Navy Guard of Honour about to present pan to Tito and Philip. MV. Motor cycle escort. MV. Philip and Tito walking to inspect guard of honour. & SV. Tito walks down line at the salute. MV. Top view, pan Tito and Philip inspecting Guard Of Honour. Philip points out point of interest on sailor’s uniform. SV. Philip and Tito finish inspection. SV. Philip, Tito and Churchill talking after inspection. Tito shakes hands with Philip. Churchill doffs his hat and shakes hands with Philip and Eden. SV. Mounted policeman and crowd. SCU. Tito entering car. LV. Smoke from magnesium bomb and crowd. LV. Tito’s cavalcade making way through smoke. SV. Police keeping back crowd. on Embankment. SV. Name “Downing Street” LV. Towards, Tito’s car arriving at No. 10. CU. No. 10. SV. Tito and Churchill alighting from car posing inside No. 10 Tito brushes Churchill’s coat for him. They shake hands. CU Tito. SV. Tito, Churchill, Eden and Yugoslav Ambassador CU Tito, pan to Churchill and Tito GV. Escort and car leaving Downing Street. SV. Pan Tito’s car leaving Downing Street. SV, Pan Churchill walking to Cenotaph. GTV. Crowd. SV. Two officers carrying wreath to Cenotaph followed by Tito. Tito holds wreath and places it on Cenotaph. LV. Tito placing wreath on Cenotaph, he steps back and salutes. SV. Tito saluting. CU. Wreath. LV. Elevated, Tito saying goodbye to Churchill, etc., CU. Back view, Tito getting into car. CU. Churchill and Eden waving. LV. Car leaving Whitehall.

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