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New GWEN from SPIDER-MAN is COMING SOON! (Fortnite)

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New Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 update Grapple Glove gameplay live stream!
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Ninja Flamez! says:

Am a YouTuber

Graham Mcwhinnie says:

I just got here

Nnamdi Ogbuagu says:

Dragon ball z soon August 16 Fortnite PS4 my code FazeClan420.

fl4ree says:

sadly spider gwen never came

ChypysTTV says:

I support sypherpk

Fox fan says:

Hi I just started watching your videos

BlakieEternal says:

Show me out and subscribe to Blakey Eternal

Eddie Moore says:

Me and my brother Wachtel yu all

Eddie Moore says:

Tg hour the best

luis blanco says:

Typical gamer something I would quit too

luis blanco says:

CV is a good 👍 what you

luis blanco says:

I'm so bad I just wanted typical gamer can you coach me

luis blanco says:

Typical gamer iPad Nintendo switch in my Nintendo switch remote not working

luis blanco says:

Typical gamer killing animal NH jk 444

Curbside Creamery-Philly says:

friend mem typical

Christina Beall says:

You are the goat

Lia Pagano says:

so good,and VERY goofy!i love youre content so much<i also use youre code in the item shop.i was wondering if we could play some time< my user is Funnyartist4207!Love you!

Carolyn Berry says:

You are crazy good

The Patrolman gaming says:

I mean just cause it’s a cover it doesn’t mean she’s gonna be in the game right away. I mean the first comic had a miles morales cover and guess which spider man they put in the game for that comics collab. Not saying Gwen won’t be coming i’m just saying she’s probably not gonna be a skin associated with the comics and will instead be released in a separate collab

Angela Rodriguez says:

I am a big fan

Lindsey Quinn says:

I bet that you can beat my friend at Fortnite

Chantel Colton says:

I use it to

Aaron Bryant says:

wen did theat come out

Tye Williams says:

Love the skin

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