National Anthem of Yugoslavia [1943-1991] | Hej Sloveni

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Hey, Slavs is an anthem dedicated to the Slavic peoples. Its lyrics were first written in 1834 under the title Hey, Slovaks (Hej, Slováci) by Samuel Tomášik and it has since served as the anthem of the Pan-Slavic movement, the Sokol physical education and political movement, the SFR Yugoslavia and as the transitional anthem of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. The song is also considered to be the unofficial second anthem of the Slovaks. Its melody is based on Poland Is Not Yet Lost, which has also been the anthem of Poland since 1926, but the Yugoslav variation is much slower and more accentuated.[1]

In Serbo-Croatian, which used both the Latin and the Cyrillic alphabets, the title Hej, Slaveni was written:

Hej, Slaveni or Hej, Sloveni (in Latin)

Хеј, Славени or Хеј, Словени (in Cyrillic).

In Macedonian the song is Ej, Sloveni (Еј, Словени), and in Slovene, it is Hej, Slovani. The original title in Slovak was Hej, Slováci.

Hej, Slavs was the national anthem of the SFR Yugoslavia from 1943 to 1991 (48 years). With the formal adoption (inauguration) of Amendment IX to the Constitution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the anthem Hey, Slavs gained constitutional sanction on November 25, 1988. After the 43 years of continued use as the de facto anthem, the delegates simply brought the law in line with custom.[3]


Hej Sloveni (He, Slawen) war von 1945 bis 2006 die Nationalhymne der Sozialistischen Föderativen Republik Jugoslawien und ihrer Nachfolgestaaten Bundesrepublik Jugoslawien (1992–2003) bzw. Serbien und Montenegro (2003–2006).

Die slowakischen Ursprungsversion Hej, Slováci (He, Slowaken) war von 1939 bis 1945 die Nationalhymne des Slowakischen Staates.


Хеј, Словени је панслoвeнcка патриотска песма , химна младих соколског спортског и политичког пансловенског друштва. Изворно наследство има прва Словачка република (1939-1945) .Kасније имплементирана у химну Социјалистичке Федеративне Републике Југославије од 1945. до 1992. Формирањем Савезне Републике Југославије, Хеј, Словени је постала химна те државе, а касније и химна Србије и Црне Горе. Данас није у службеној употреби.



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