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My Biggest Build Ever | Minecraft Afterlife SMP | EP. 2

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Welcome to the Afterlife SMP, A Brand new Modded Minecraft SMP.
in the Afterlife SMP you get 10 lives and each time you respawn you will get a brand new Origin!
In This Episode We build our biggest house yet ( Please be nice ) and we pull a great prank on Oli!

check out the other members of the server
@Joey Graceffa
@Katherine Elizabeth Gaming

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SeaPeeKay says:

The previous upload had no background music for some reason, looks like a rendering issue.
please show some love and im sorry for the inconvenience!
Thanks for all your support!

MR. DOGE says:

the blue and red trees are not modded

V W says:

The blue trees in the nether they're not modded they're naturally generated in the nether without mods

Nanada Vaibbhavv Melam says:

I'm a god at PVP and assassinations but i know nothing about builds so for me I'm impressed

Alma Lundén says:

How can you built so Good like

Sorei says:

i imagine scott just hiding in cpk's fluff or something lmao-

Elise ig says:

I relate to the building bit. I'm a miner. I don't do the building.

galactic tiger says:

House no castle

XA_Phoenix-9774 says:

I love the giant castle idea! Will definitely be making a castle in the origins smp im in! 

i also loved the video too

Daisy Price says:

The castle is amazing! I watched you a lot when i was younger and the builds were……….. anyway… im really excited for this smp and i cnt wait to see what you do next.

crazy kaitlyn 123 says:

That castle is so much better than I could ever build

Triggered 26 says:

Go you man!!!🥰🥰 You're learning so much!!!! The build is amazing!!! 👍👍🥰

Erick Allison says:

When i spend time building i put a hole in a rock with water covering it.
I like the castle.

Kuroodia Lovett says:

I missed you!!!! Also, I'm so proud of this castle build! You're getting good at this!

YuM YuM sweets and pastries says:

I was not wrong

Belgas Igods says:

That's a sick "house" every man has his own castle haha :3

some_donkus says:

This series is the first time I've watched you, so I've only been here for 2 episodes so far. You look like a builder to me 😀

Gustavo Perez Angel says:

Me writing every thing flip said

Amy Fuller says:

You can’t do that Lizzie has a trick up her sleeve

Drew Campbell says:

ive only watched i video and i already love the chanel XD

Video: (1 second)
Me: "I love it already!"

gpgreenaway5 says:

love the castle 🙂

Coco Dancer says:

I am a very bad builder

Ryan Meijer says:

i hope when you die you get an origin where youre 1 block tall because then the castle is extra huge

I love Minecraft says:

I can not do that

Ariannah Nichols says:

Oh you poor poor minecraft user, the nether trees aren’t a mod

Rebecca Musumeci says:

The castle looks amazing i love it so much great job cant wait to see what else you make

Janaina Carvalho says:

It’s so cool how everyone changed their skin to correspond to their origin

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