Mechatronics & Software Engineer Reacts to Michael Reeves: Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer

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In this video, i’m going to be reacting to @Michael Reeves make a state of the art robot dog, built by Boston Dynamics, pee beer into a cup.

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Ruby Guby says:

bro i swear to god on my first ever watch of this at the very begining when you were tlkaing aboiut your friend teling you about this video i said to myself "say less" right before you did i love it

MaximumNewbage says:

Your hypothesis that the camera attached to the pebus signals when spot should stop seems wrong. You made that hypothesis while he was testing the cup seeking function WITHOUT the bionic penis attached. The bionic penis was not present during those tests. Yet during those tests, it seemed to line up the cup with the penis's firinh zone anyways. So he must be some other way to line the cup up with the penis.

poffpoff1 says:

I know the code is pretty Alpha, but it seems like an easy fix to just tell the bot to stay not moving until the bottom camera no longer can detect a cup, then it can return to its idle animation. Also instead of constantly spinning it would be nice for it to be voice activated or something. "Pissbot bear!" and it stands up and spins around.

kaczkawil1 says:

Sup man, I just wonder how to make money stuying mechatronics. Send help or tip 4 real

jack wagon says:

hey remember me when you get famous ok?

oversimplified cookie monster says:

meme is cool yay im really cool man hehe

PlodeyCake says:

Sub from me i love that you can explain things without my mind melting

miguel bautista says:

9:30 that freeze lol

Nith Wct says:

I don't think the camera under it actually tells Spot to stop. Spot just knows how to center itself over its target by just moving a little further. Once it has stopped, the bottom camera takes over to find the cup more precisely. I could be wrong, but that would be a lot easier than having Spot use 2 cameras at once.

keyboard warrior says:

The algorithm has brought me here, and I am not disappointed. Take my like good sir

aquartertwo says:

17:35 It didn't occur to me that the error was that there wasn't any integration/coordination between the penis camera and the face camera, so that's why Spot was spazzing out. Good catch!

Serxhio Rira says:

thanks for making this video to explain us about api and tensorflow lol

Kumi Nanida says:

The fact that he can do all this but not edit the code properly for it to work effectively.
I mean i know its all a joke for the sake of humor but i assume he was actually trying to get the bot to put beer in the cup effectively.
I mean just give it a longer wait time, have it walk forward a set amount of time and then make a home area it can find and go to in the corner and use the security camera to turn and look instead of having the robot basically turn over the cups area immediately and until it sees another cup. Really simple things to code….or is it failing the joke? it seems like its not part of the joke

chemicalcorrosion says:

Just so everyone knows, we UN-EDUCATED ENGINEERS, can build a lot of crazy shit with off the shelf components. 😁

DEAD LOGiC UNreaLiTY says:

You should have read what he said in the email 🤣

T_0K0 says:

Remember me when you’re famous 🙂

Carter Cifelli says:

Dude ik your a small YouTuber so you might not have everything down by now but your intro is kinda generic and boring so maybe spice it up yk

justin phan-do says:

alternet title "software engineer explains michaels bull shit"

Purple Freedom says:

That's serious dedication BD would be a fool to not hire him

Leandro says:

Close one, the clicks are a little above 69420 right now

Adi Miranda says:

Brooo My name is (Adi).😂👍🏼

Xíren Seo says:

i dont see why boston dynamics wouldnt immediately want to use him for marketing by sending their next robot over as soon as it leaves early development

Tomáš Růžička says:

It would be good marketing for boston dynamics to show that they are not that grumpy but that they can take the joke (or to make funny video of their own to troll michael 😀 )

logan says:

More than anything, i just wanna know what boston dynamics thinks about this

Aaronjamt says:

Nooo! You didn't see his super smooth sponsor segway! Even Linus can't top that! You should have watched until the very end!

hugoandre96 says:

I have watch Michael's piss video 3 times and just noticed the Obama cutout 5:26

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