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Josip Broz ‘Tito’: Too Tough for Stalin

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Host – Simon Whistler
Author – Arnaldo Teodorani
Producer – Jennifer Da Silva
Executive Producer – Shell Harris

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8 bit Romania says:

you didn't mention his selling of rocket tech to nasa and jfk

Silverbreaker says:

main- dumbstream is your game. BOOOOORRRRRRRING

ЦрногорацЛуди says:

tito was an western puppet all along,if he was alive during the 90s, he would have ended up like sadam hussein and gadafi ….also his communists in yugoslavia killed more citizens then the germans

skylineXpert says:

Would it be a crime to say you miss tito? could the balkan wars have been avoided?

UbEr NeO says:

kosovo is not a state or a country

Erik Antonič Babnik says:

Fun fact: my great uncle(maternal grandma's brother) made rifle stocks and rifles for Tito, he said that when Tito went hunting, people there would intentionaly lead a deer or any other animal close to him so he wouldnt miss and so he would notice it, xD. My great uncle's name was Janez Grabec, he was half czech, his mother Elizabeta Januška was from a Czech family of lords and counts.

Leftist Scum says:

The majority of the things you said were right, but Tito was not the first leader of Yugoslavia. Ivan Ribar was and he was the person who started the radical policies, we shouldn't blame Tito for the killings.

Ye4rZero says:

Thank you for covering this man, he absolutely fascinates me, and good information is not that easy to find! (If anyone has names of good docos please help me out!).
It's the incredible lack of people he killed that amazes me, given the timeframe, location and people involved.

Nikoo says:

Lol i am from Serbia and i just relized i have birthday on same day as he does ( 7 may

Nikola Baric says:

Please investigate everything properly before your next videos. There were too many mistakes.

OldClassicGamer says:

LMAO at the way how you pronounce some of the last names xD

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