Is Autism REALLY A Superpower?

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Autism is my superpower is a phrase used often to describe ones autism. But is autism really a super power? In this video, I wanted to talk about whether autism is a superpower, autistic superpower examples as well as my thoughts on whether these autism special abilities should be called autism super powers etc.

What do you think? Is autism really a superpower?? Let me know down below!

People like Greta Thunberg have talked about their autistic traits being the same as being a superpower. The idea of autistic superpowers really comes from superheroes and the idea that autistic people’s autism traits are strengths, not weaknesses or negatives.

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Ellen Awesome says:

Honestly I feel like the whole autism is a superpower thing is a consolation, kind of a fake confidence thing. If you were truly confident and happy with your autism there would be no need to say it aloud. I've never really bought into it to be honest, it just feels like a lie. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

BooBiBa Peen69 says:

I wouldnt mind people calling autism a superpower, it would be awesome to have it thought of as a cool thing hehe

Armvn M says:

Us with autism whoever did this to us. Should have gave us hidden super powers when we need to defend ourselves from hostile environment situations.

L Rz says:

Awesome video 👏👏👏 give me a lot of clues 👌

Shawna Kabui Ohumay says:

Having hypersensitive hearing, sight, taste, and attention to detail can be superpowers. Especially in the context of observing and tracking down the bad guys and foiling their devious plans! 🦸🏾‍♀️

Matt C says:

Thanks for the burrito image :P. What do you consider is a "Super Power"? Is the level of skill with which Cristiano can play football…is that a super power? It's certainly very good and rare. I think I'd be happy doing something to that level, to be that good…the easiest way to do that? Make your interest VERY specific. Bingo. Again, not a professional (in this field) but have experienced this longer than most (you know me). In relation to energy expended, being better at something than anyone around you is a super power, yes? Because it's beyond anyone else there. All you need to know is quite a lot about very few things. I do know that I'm quite happy to take the literal route EVERY time I can with NTs, especially family when they ask: "How am I?" or "That's interesting, tell me more!"……….2-3 hours later….well, you did ask….. Regardless…you're all Super to me 🙂 (blergh!) 😉

Angelique says:

I always enjoy your videos and the topics you talk about. Keep at it. 🙂

J says:

Super? No. But absolutely essential to the species. Listen to Temple Grandin. There's a strong argument that the species may not have so much as Fire without us.

Davi J Vee says:

I share your opinion, exactly. And it's burrito days on the couch, right now, only on my bed… ya, that's how I feel… with a migraine,

Neurodivergent Franchfries says:

Such a cutie 🙂 It's almost funny when people do think this. I wish I was that good at blackjack.

GlassyPassiflora says:

Personally, I do not think of autism itself as a superpower, since autism isn't just this one thing. However, I do not believe that people who are autistic do not have superpowers…. or, more exactly, are unable to have superpowers. BUT I do not think being autistic makes one superhuman. Having superpowers, even in fiction, does not make one superhuman necessarily; if the power is caused by, say, some rare genetic mutation that causes significant changes, that makes them superhuman (beyond the scope of what is normally considered human), otherwise, they're just regular people with powers, many of whom happen to use them for good, but some of whom do not (whether it be using them for evil or just living a normal life and happening to have powers).
"Super" does not necessarily mean "better than", but it does mean "beyond". Now, "beyond" could be interpreted to mean "better than", but it could also be interpreted as "outside the scope of". A superpower is a power that is outside what is considered the normal scope of human ability. Therefore, the true relationship (imho) between autism and superpowers is: Autism is a specific yet vast category of how the brain is wired which makes it more likely for someone to have superpowers. Anybody could have what could be considered "superpowers," but people who are autistic have a higher likelihood of having them. Things like compassion and honesty aren't superpowers, as they lie well within the scope of human ability (and should be striven for by all people). Intelligence is also not a superpower, it's more like a stat that everyone has different levels in. On the other hand, things like exceptionally sharp senses, very high mental processing, specific exceptional strengths, really good intuition and/or a sixth sense, hyperfocus, and synesthesia (among others) are superpowers, because they lie outside the scope of human ability; not everyone can do them. Having superpowers therefore does not make someone inherently better than someone who does not. Plus, even NTs can have superpowers; you don't even have to be neuro-divergent to have them, because anyone could technically have them, but not a whole lot of people do.
Plus, even superpowers have downsides, and not all superpowers are helpful. For example (to use a couple of my own), really good hearing is both a blessing and a curse; I can sometimes hear people halfway across the house having a hushed conversation, and listening to music is a lovely experience, but it also leads to things like sensory overload, or startling very easily. Having my brain able to simultaneously run on two different tracks means I can process information extremely quickly, and see things from nearly every angle; however, it also means that I frequently overanalyze even basic concepts, and have difficulty being truly sure of anything; my brain is often extremely noisy and chaotic which makes focusing difficult; and sometimes it just stops working properly and fogs up, sometimes for weeks on end; when it is clear, it is very clear, but when it is clouded it's like trying to think through static. Some of them are just plain weird, like a near-immunity to the "buzz" given by caffeine and sugar — you get none of the buzz but all of the crash. On the other hand, it means I could drink a Dr. Pepper at 10 PM and still sleep with minimal difficulties.
In conclusion, if one has special abilities, don't be afraid to celebrate them! Utilize them, share them, sometimes even talk about 'em, but don't use them to put others down, or think of other people as lesser for not having them. There's a difference between being rightfully proud of one's abilities and being arrogant.

Robyn Riana says:

I love X-Men! It’s like if a mutant had the ability to hear across miles/km but it allowed them to find lost people. But it also meant the noise gave them painful headaches. Supersenses are a blessing and a curse! Just an emotional day for me, I guess, but when you spoke about kindness as a super power I teamed up. That could be me! It’s such an invisible power at times, and feels like a weakness, so thank you fo4 acknowledging it. 😊🙏

Martin King says:

I've seen people talk about positives and negatives of autism, yet I've never seen one with negatives for neurotypical, things like I've heard SOME neurotics go on about how many partners they've had, boring small talk, being really competitive, being violent verbally or physically, I'm not saying it's all, but I have noticed it a lot.

Muppetjedi Sparklefeet says:

I don’t have a superpower and my autism itself isn’t one. It just gives me a different perspective and I’m better at some things but worse at other things compared to the NT majority. I don’t think it’s bad, but I don’t feel super either; I’m just normal with my own particular particulars.

Rianna Majzoub says:

Sensorial enhancement vary by genetics and speedy skill building does make a competitive force in the business world. I have been able to pick up sounds at far distances since I was 3. Horrible when fire alarms go off or sirens blaring going by but come in handy when needed. I don't consider myself loyal to anyone though. I think that's more for boys.

WastelandSodaPop says:

I just sat with my weighted blanket on my head because I had brain fog from a sensory overload after having to touch sandpaper.
Definitely a superhuman.

Scorpion Dominoes says:

I don't consider my autism to be a super power. It's rather a different way. It sucks in some ways and I have some abilities that others don't. But everyone has strong sides and weak sides. It's just that I feel like my weaknesses is in things most people don't have problems with, and my strong sides is things most people are not strong at.

Rowena Preston says:

I'm not comfortable with saying I have a "superpower", even though I am positive about my autism. I don't feel "better" than anyone else. I'm okay if someone else chooses to do so. Whatever makes us feel good. (And in this current crisis, it's hard to feel so.) Your channel and others are getting me through. Thank you.

Bushido Mayfield says:

I feel like my autism is my super powers just social life my kryptonite

Talitha Charlotte. says:

This is so interesting! I think it is a positive way to look at autism and allows people to feel more positive about their diagnosis. For me I think it does give me some incredible talents, traits and qualities although I still have a lot of things I find difficult and need to learn to manage things better. I guess it doesn’t always feel like a super power aha. But I definitely agree it is a positive outlook of autistic people. ✨⚡️

Teetrea says:

I think it leans on the side of being "woo". Autistic is just something I am. Autism is just my neurology. NTs have also done impressive things. And people matter whether they do impressive things or not.

Michael Anttila says:

I can understand how people feel really good that's my autism power and I can feel music real good

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