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I Used Ice To Become A Minecraft Millionaire | E11

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LoverFella says:

Join my server for the exclusive Valentines items launching tomorrow! is the Server IP 🙂

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Idewesei Lacayo says:

On the farm

Idewesei Lacayo says:

Not enough water

Denise Hanson says:

When are you going to get a Elytra

Dustin Lesniak says:


Timer Twinkler says:

I feel like his downfall is him only doing stuff for ben and issac and not the entire server

Piggy Gaming says:

water your farm, its making me cringe.

Daboss man YT says:

at 7:05. u spelled industry incorrectly u spelled it industrie

just somone says:

i have a name for the the place that you collect food from the farm
" The Grinding Tube"

London Oakes says:

Do a restaurant business

NAUGHTY FOX studios says:

If you use walls it will still make you travel fast

Mysterious72 says:

10:13 nice cup i use it to lol

very random

KITTY GAMER 1423 says:

This series is 🔥

ChrisTheDoge says:

he seems like he is coughing in the thumbnail

ighqsty says:

0:03 ahh yes very realistic editing zach

NinjaKidROBLOXXX says:

When he says 2 he is in 4 and when he says 3 he is on 5 wow dude nice

NinjaKidROBLOXXX says:

Profit counter: 99999999999999

NinjaKidROBLOXXX says:

The future counter: 99999999

Mobile_boyyt says:

Lover u cna put stolen walls on the sides So u don't go on the other side ok?

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