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I Survived 100 Days as an ELEMENTAL DRAGON in HARDCORE Minecraft

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Thanks for watching: I Survived 100 Days as an ELEMENTAL DRAGON in HARDCORE Minecraft

Today I spawned into Minecraft as an Elemental Dragon! I had to protect Minecraft from an unknown evil who was trying to destroy the world. He was taking all of the life out of Minecraft from everyone in the world. Make sure you watch until the end to see what happens!


Gio Jones says:

100 days as a elves would be nice

Andrea Sextonbrown says:

The only thing I hate about the Elemental Dragon as a baby and as a grown up is when he flies nothing moves it just looks like he's floating and I want his wings to move and I want it to look like he's actually flying

♡Kěñjì_Ğåý♡ says:

Why does the wind spirit thing reminds me of fresh sans

No One says:

I love how he used the mha mod for his powers

Robluz says:

“no, that’s just the sun there we go” dies

Royboy says:

Mate where is earth and water element

Anderson Soares says:

is this shane plays the voices sound the same

Ikarm Baig says:

What about Earth Element

Muhammad nizam Maula kuba says:

Wait for it 😂😂😂 38:21

handy amandy says:

Your name is Frozen now? Wow?.

handy amandy says:

His name is Frozen it's usually photo?

Mang Nyan Bawi says:

Bro did the elves say slayyyyy💀💀💀💀💀💀

Noah Gabriel Casasola says:

Bro the 4 elements are like the emotions of Riley from inside out

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