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I Played Fortnite *SEASON 4* For the First Time…

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Fortnite Season 4 is here and today we check it out for the first time! This season is INSANE…

Use code tomato because that’s also insane (Epic partner)

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Tomato - Fortnite says:

what is your rating of season 4 so far?

Rachel Schmidt says:


Tiffany Jackson says:

HeraLd it's the hardest boss to beats

Tiffany Jackson says:

Harold is a boss who you fight the hardest ones and what I mean something

Nicola Hyde says:

I got the warrior bit wrong

Nicola Hyde says:

Hey please can you add me my fornite name is key r warrio

Flashfanboi123yeet says:

herald is a new boss

#1 Fortnite Fan says:

Wait,who is playing,Tomato or Darth?

#1 Fortnite Fan says:

When I first landed at the reality tree,I thought my game was lagging because of the leaves,& when I landed,I fell to my death๐Ÿ˜‚

cyborg. cool says:


Dave Miller says:

6:19 Meow Skulls and Meowscles are siblings so if you go to Meowscles home in Greasy you get some dialogue with him or Kit

Kimberly Cannon says:


Allison Hadel says:

They are sus

Yaman Sarmad says:


Matthew Miller says:

My rating is 4.5 out of 6

Jordan Khokhar says:

10000000 /100000000000000

Siri Pusekatt says:

Poor chicken
You said give me your meat
Me looking at the loadout

Kirsty harding says:

Pls battle pars my username is rioh10 and I have no skins

Speedzmake says:

Yo tomato in the sanctuary you can pass through certain walls itโ€™s super cool and you donโ€™t even need the chrome splash

Angie Elliott says:

The last season Parts was Lily the reality please didn't even have the tool them he's a past but upgrade them and that's a lame sauce that's not a lame boss

Angie Elliott says:

He's towel the guy the new boss the only boss

Angie Elliott says:

Weapon I can apply the same in the new AI you called trash

Angie Elliott says:

Can get loaded up to Netflix

Angie Elliott says:

Significant Sanctum and you keep smiling it to level up

Thedinogamer says:

Tomato:who is Herald! Me:herald is the bloom queen

Cole Miller says:

The bloom watcher

Etwisted says:

Meow skulls favorite weapon is EMOchrome shotgun ๐Ÿ˜‚

Etwisted says:

Tomato if you read this can you try to do the protect the chicken challenge

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