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I Challenged MrBeast To An Art Competition And He Accepted! ft. MrBeast | ZHC Crafts

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i can’t believe we challenged mrbeast and his crew to an art competition! winner gets $5,000

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Cris Ty says:

im so inprast

Cris Ty says:

i did not know that mrbeast can draw

Robert Howell says:

jaz is so lucky

Faye McDonald says:

Is I was you MrBeast I will pick Janice court is the best artist

Julia Keo says:

Mrbeast reacted so fast when karl got in lol 2:55

Marco Miguel Caballero says:

Karl real name is karlo if he's Karl the Karl spealing is carl

Axo says:

guys do u notice that Zack at the end nolan and michele were getting hit he used the roblox oof sound.

Nur Jahan says:

:me be ofc he a max level donater

Nur Jahan says:

:beast u will give you 5000 dollars if i dont come in last place ;person helping beast ok.

Man Person says:

I Challenged MrBeast To an Art Competition and He Accepted! Featuring: MrBeast
Me: โ€ฆ Yeah Iโ€™d Assume it Features MrBeast

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