I Am The World’s Greatest Magician

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subscribe or else #shorts


MrBeast Shorts says:

Subscribe or this will happen to you

Perlita Catapang says:

Whenever Mr Beast (shorts) does a thing with his friends on the screen,

you KNOW whats gonna happen to them.

cyber taste says:

Magic magic

Landen1247 says:

The guy in the background…..

imarobloxgirl says:

Can u pin comment

toad the toad says:

Where did my dad go?

Mahasin Yunis says:

Good editing tho

Cheering. says:

That was so funny, somebody clothes disappeared, stabbed the hat. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

do we have milk? says:

Now we know whats on the other side of Chris

Stream says:

0:09 suspicious.

Nonics Animation says:

He is the type of guy to ask where his money are after he spend it

james hillten says:

funny so funny so funny

Marc David says:

Mr beast 🤦whyy

Bhawansh Nage says:

The best magician

bluesky 0176 says:

Ur so funny😂😂😂🤣

Nawal Yagob says:

There a hole in the hat with a person

JiahOMG says:

Presenting the best magician in the world 😂

Vic Pacheco says:

Next time stop the camera he was nackid

Jerome Mendoza says:

I mean you still in a magic trick

Lakshay says:

Mr beast- *performs something *

Man in back- what just happened

Tech360 says:

Alright mr. Beast. Ill give you a thumbs up for this one.

Sariah Preast says:

On scary animation did that really happen

Owens trains says:

At 0:09 look

Shoxi XV says:

That worked Chris needs cloths

Lt_ Mayham says:

Just please don’t do that to me lol

Lt_ Mayham says:

OK geez I’ll subscribe

Jaxsen Babor says:

Lol I love these

Yt Gaming says:

Someone is under the table lol

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