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HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: How this moment completes the Prince Who Was Promised Prophecy

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HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: How this moment completes the Prince Who Was Promised Prophecy. In this video, we break down some major things for the Prince Who Was Promised Prophecy which would end up coming to fruition in Game Of Thrones. Including the major moment when Alicent cuts Rhaenyras’s hand and this could all tie everything together to bring things full circle in Game Of Thrones. We cover everything from Daenerys, Jon Snow and Arya and would be the one to fulfil the prophecy. Lots to get through so let’s jump right in!

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Ok so House Of The Dragon sets up some major things for the Prince Who Was Promised Prophecy which would end up coming to fruition in Game Of Thrones. Episode seven has a major moment in it in which Alicent cuts Rhaenyras hand and this could all tie everything together to bring things full circle in Game Of Thrones. As we’ve been saying every week it was thought that Jon Snow would be the one to fullfill the prophecy but in the end it was Arya. However there is a way it could all still come together and make sense whilst having Jon Snow not actually carry it out.

There’s a number of things that connect it altogether and if you had issues with the way the prophecy played out in the Long Night then hopefully this at least saves some of the finale season for you.

Throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking it all down and if you enjoy the video we’d massively appreciate the thumbs up. Also don’t forget to subscribe for videos on the show wevery week and a big breakdown for the episodes right after they release.

Now firstly I have to give a huge shoutouts to our editor Matt who first noticd this tie in when we were editing our Episode 7 video. Since then we’ve been going over everything to talk about how the blood being on the blade stops things from contradicting.

For the first part of the video I wanna talk about what the prophecy is so you can kinda get a brief understanding of that before we delve into how the blade connects to it.

Now incase you don’t know The Prince Who Was Promised Prophecy is what the Lord Of Light religion is based around and it was brought to the forefront by Aegon the Conqueror. He had a nightmare that showed a great force coming from the north and the only way to stop this was through his bloodline being on the throne. Though the word prince is often interpreted as being about a man it’s important to bear in mind that the term comes from High Valeryon. In this language the word Prince is actually gender neutral and therefore there’s been a number of candidates that could fit the role.


Heavy Spoilers says:

Hey everyone, as you can probably tell we're trialling in video subtitles on this. Let us know if you'd prefer it without. Thanks – Paul

Dandin Dantalus says:

3:13 at that moment Bran should've been able to know the prophecy. DnD most likely ignored it.

Dandin Dantalus says:

2:50 it is a given they did not know what they are doing. I mean in truth they were evil sadistic monsters that wrote a bad ending on purpose but they most likely either ignored the prophecy because they were too busy writing slavery fan fiction or Martin never told them on porpuse cause he is building a bigger thing and didn't want them to ruin it.

Dox Holiday says:

@Fernando Hernandez  You sound like a simpleton.

Did Arya figure out how to kill WWs? Did Arya figure out where the night king was all by herself? hunt him down all by herself? and assassinate him by herself? Or did others figure things out and create a scenario that provided her the opportunity to sneak up and stab him?

The same way a military at war provides a sniper with the opportunity to assassinate the enemy's leader.

Only a fool would think he won the war all by himself.

L. Garcia says:

What I am concluding is… that I have to rewatch GOT because I was not paying attention to all the little things. And now watching HOD… yeah I need to rewatch. Lol

Yayan says:

Season 8 makes HOT D not fulfill it's potential

Maria Veloso says:

In Fire and Blood, the dagger cut never happens. I think adding it into the show was smart in driving the plot forward and adding tension, but I don’t think the scene is connected to the prophecy. I do take the books as canon over the show though

Willex Williams says:

The prophecy involved the prince who would bring them together and that was Jon

klaus Mikealson says:

They gave him a death that he didn't deserve and they didn't do right by Jon Snow at the end even after he made so many sacrifices for people.
It was never Arya who fulfilled the prophesy it was always Jon Snow who fulfilled that.

navaneeth bysani says:

shakespear: The door is blue
English teacher: The blue color is significant for sky, it could be water, or it is the eye of a giant monster inside which we are living…..

W. C. L. Cooke says:

Maybe it's not meant specifically for the person who kills the Night King. We saw that the knife has touched Targaryen blood. Maybe the prophecy was all about the Targaryens all along and the knife was blessed with the blood of the dragon. It was the Targaryen lineage that killed the Night King.

prod. says:

my god i think those ideas for the Jon Snow spin-off series were the worst i have ever heard…

Frontigenics says:

They really just need to remake season 8. Just say it was a vision or something

Naomi Garusinghe says:

Is the competition over?

yun says:

Daenerys came from Viserys son Aegon and his sister Helaena, children of Alicent Hightower. Jon/Aegon came from Rhaenyra and Daemon.

Ramon Guadalupe says:

This entire video is click bait. Smh

Jackie Sidman says:

I mean we hear a somewhat part of the prophecy in the beginning at winterfell the story the nanny told the stark girl

Sonderfah says:

Is this a joke video or just an uncreative clickbait? You said absolutely NOTHING about NOTHING.

Neuromancer says:

People are missing the same aspect of the prophecy that all the Targaryens missed. They have it completely wrong, and have misinterpreted what was actually happening.

The darkness, was NOT the night king and the white walkers. It was misdirection. DANY AND HER DRAGONS were the darkness from which the prophecy spoke of, since she would of brought tyranny to the entire planet, NOT JUST westeros.

I think the prophecy was meant to refer to a time. and the specific darkness it was referring to, is the darkness that was born from their own line.

Think about it, Jon snow is the last in a line of the old guard of honorable heroes, that reaches back to the time of aegon the first.

Dany represents darkness because she is ultimately the culmination of generations of corruption and incest.

Jon snow, is literally the song of ice and fire being the product of a diluted blood line, the mixture of the dire wolf blood lined, and the traditions of the starks, balanced jon snow out in terms of his temperament, and his sense of right and wrong. And the targaryen blood line, that made him have just the right temperament to full fill the prophecy. Jon had mercy for his allies and his enemies, but fury when he needed it to overcome his enemies. Hes a song of ice and fire, the result of 2 bloodlines, 1 balancing the other out.

Targaryens were known to grow insane, because of their anger, and their fury for having no mercy for their enemies.

Had Dany been able to go through with her plans, she would of brought tyranny to the world.

With 1 dragon, you could literally conquer the world.

It would of been an age of darkness that resulted in the death of millions, Think about what she did to kings landing. This is why i think people completely misunderstood the ending and what they were seeing.

She commit genocide, killing women children, and men who deserved to have a chance to swear alligance to her house.

But instead she lost her mind in a pure moment of un challenged rage.

Rewatch the show, and pay attention to Dany's usual answer to her enemies, then pay attention to how jon responds to his enemies. Her very first choice when responding to an enemy is to kill them.

To burn them, to feed them to her dragons, when faced with a choice of conscience, she goes with the more extreme and violent solution as to not appear weak. Jon on the other hand, didnt have those hang ups. He didnt care if he appeared weak, because in the end his decisions were justified by their results. It was because of his ICE upbringing in ned stark that he was taught to do the right thing no matter what. While Danny only lived to attain power. Jon did the opposite and when given the choice, he chose to relinquish that power. Which is why he WAS the prince who was promised, and he was born under a falling star. Since Sir arthur dane had dawn, a sword forged from a falling star and he "fell" the day of jons birth.

Jon doesnt want to have to kill men. He gives them every chance to change their minds and alter their course until the point that should he spare them he would lose everyones respect. Jon made all the right moves, he had the moral compass to do so, and he had the skills being a gifted swordsman.

Jon snow WAS the prince who was promised. Because the darkness was not the white walkers, the darkness was Dany and her dragons, and the threat they represented against the innocent people of the world.

What they were saying, is that the night king was a heavy threat yes, but they were never going to over come all of westeros, so that real threat, was Dany. And jon snow ended the perpetual cycle of bloodshed, by using his dagger to kill her symbolically.

Should he have used his sword, he would of figuratively created light bringer, being as he was light bringer, a sword and a warrior, but had he used his sword in fury, he would of ended up taking his place as king, and therefore continuing the cycle of violence, that ended with danny, allowing westeros to use their lords to elect a leader in unison.

Which puts an end to the cycle of war, death, and lusting for power.

If the leader is chosen by everyone, it ends the cause of war.

So in reality, Jon saved countless people the same way jaime did.

He made the hard decision but the correct one.

In that Danny, would of slaughtered every person that she perceived as a traitor, and she saw everyone as a traitor now in westeros, not just the lords who resisted her, because she could no longer use her correct judgement, the person she was, was gone, and in her place stood a woman whose power corrupted her absolutely.

Just they didnt spell any of this out so the misconception that the night king was in fact that darkness the prince that was promised was supposed to fight, was a red herring. A threat yes, and jons main concern, but this is how power is corrupted without see it. IF allowed to fester in paranoia, and negativity, that corruption grows without seeing it, until the point that that corrupted insanity becomes all consuming. Every event led to dany's ultimate corruption.

This is why people didnt understand this aspect, they expected the night king to be this huge threat, because we are told he is that threat.

But in reality, the threat came from the corruption of those events on Dany's judgement. We only saw an example of this corruption once, so people brush it off. But imo that display of dany using drogon to kill thousands of people, was that darkness the prophecy spoke of.

She justifies genocide because she believes she is morally superior to the world and they have no right to choose. She wouldnt of just brought westeros to their knees. She would of killed anyone on the planet that she perceieved as an enemy and now this could of been anyone, since the same paranoid insanity that infected her father infected her own sanity. Dany didnt have a stark bloodline to dilute the corruption of the targaryen blood line. This is how we are told that incest is wrong, because it results in homicidal tyrants and birth defects.

What makes Dany the arbiter of goodness? Because she had dragons? Who is she to choose what is considered good or bad? And thats the point.

Varys and Tyrion had it right, that her entire life was a validation, a confirmation bias that her decisions and her life were meant to take her down this road.

How do you talk sense into a person that believes their mission is divine providence, but that mission will result in the death of millions?

What makes their decisions divine. Is it the dragons? Her birth right? Her dreams? Her moral compass was twisted after losing every one of her advisors the only people keeping her from becoming a merciless killer. And with the loss of jorah and misunday, dany had no one left to temper her worst impulses.

So she would of brought darkness to the planetos.

She would of killed every women, man and child she perceived as her enemy, and it was jons destiny to put an end to the Targaryen blood line that would of resulted in ultimate darkness for their world. Total Genocide.

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