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Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #6 Clip – Tyrion's Breakdown (HBO)

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pav 997 says:

Hey, current writers of the world.
This is how you write a scene.

Zodi says:

This could have been the greatest series ever created but they shat on the ending so terribly that it's hardly relevant anymore. I still will rewatch in it's entirety at some point soon…UGH

G Evans says:

I feel like Peter uses this scene to convey the anger he held for a while at people labeling him as "that one dwarf actor" who would portray leprechauns or other roles making fun of his physical differences. This scene lets him speak not only to the other actors, but the audience, and it is a MASTERPIECE.

The Black Kakashi says:

Tyrion’s trial in season 1: I’m sleep
Tyrion’s trial in season 4: I’m bout to air this hoe out

Vignesh R says:

"You are not on trial for being a dwarf" I am amazed by Tywin'ss professionalism here

Rex says:

This scene is better that whole stranger things

Diego Garcia says:

What’s the name of the song fam? Help me out.

Kenny Semper says:

At long last the dwarf of Castley Rock ROARS!

B.N Ü says:

amazing scene 🔥

sdlfjlsdkf says:

All these years, I did not realize until now that Tyrion made a subtle smirk to his father at the end lol that's brilliant.

Nickolas Smith says:

Loved this scene. Just finished it for the first time and I already miss it.

Tar Eldarion says:

This scene scene alone give me more relief that 1000 fight scenes

Cory Farrell says:

This is where tyrion turned evil in the books .. with no nose and vowed to take revenge against his family .. this is so well acted.. he deserved praise and awards .. 👏 🙌 .. they ruined his character.. DnD ruined it so bad.. he is supposed to be evil .. and vengeful as lady catelyn was supposed to be leading the brotherhood without banners as a corpse woken by a kiss from a red priest thoros of myr.. but they ruined the best book series of all time .. this is the 10th time watching this scene and the actor did his part .. he is a pro and knew the vision of the author .. the showrunners ruined the hero and villain and the best character of the show .. this man should have taken the throne for himself .. much better ending

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