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Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Sequel Announcement Breakdown and Trailer Easter Eggs

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Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Sequel Announcement. New Jon Snow Episodes Explained, Easter Eggs, Game Of Thrones Sequel Trailer & Release Date ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Covering New Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Sequel Series from HBO, Jon Snow Episodes Explained. Kit Harington Returns as Jon Snow. Taking place after the events of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale when Jon Snow went north of the wall with his direwolf ghost. King Bran of Westeros also the three eyed raven, Sansa Stark in Winterfell, Arya Stark. Who the main villain would be. What happens in Game of Thrones after the Night King and White Walkers are gone. Game Of Thrones Season 8 Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending.

House Of the Dragon Trailer. Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs and References Explained. New Characters, Game of Thrones History and Lore. New House of The Dragon Intro Scene. Game Of Thrones Prequel Explained. House of The Dragon Episodes breakdown and new characters explained. Game Of Thrones Targaryen Series. The Dance of The Dragons Trailer and A Song of Ice And Fire Book Easter Eggs. Jon Snow Daenerys Targaryen Family History and Lore. George RR Martin involvement. Game Of Thrones, A Song of Ice And Fire Books it’s based on.

I’ll do more Game of Thrones Prequel House of The Dragon Episode videos, Easter Eggs and Bonus videos when we get the next trailer. The House of the Dragon Trailer will release in August 2022.

My Full Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 6 Finale video will post next wed. My Ms Marvel Episode 3 video will post Thurs morning. My Full videos for The Boys Season 3 Episodes posting every Friday. More Marvel Trailers this week too!

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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Sequel video Breakdown and easter eggs. Details on all the other prequels, sequels and spinoffs. Here's my House Of The Dragon Episode 1 video too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhqMOEzFu-Q&t=0s

Vickie Dorton says:

They can bring back denarius because her dragon took her to the red lady or whatever and a whatever she did that brought John snow back to life she will bring back khaleesi And khaleesi will want to go after John snow and the other people who allow itShe realized she is in love with John snow and they band togetherAnd she stops who ran the tersir because she was angry and hurt at what Jon had done

Dandin Dantalus says:

I wish it will be Game of Thrones Episode 9 and Jon will find a way to change seasons 5-8

Dandin Dantalus says:

8:55 Daenerys and Drogen. Not Cersei 😀

soniya gogoi says:

Excited for John snow 💋💋💋

Sunny Delas Alas says:

I really hope they give John Snow character justice this time and fix that mess they did on season 8 of GOT!!! 🙌

Gowtham Reddy says:

Every character is a gem

Justin Rathgeber says:

The whites need their own prophecy now. Night king wasn't really the leader, kind of like how vampires work in some fiction (those you created are your subjects), he was created by the real ruler of the whites, and stayed protected until the humans were already suffering from the winter before even attacking at all. The wall has fallen.

Amos Dodson says:

This one better happen and we better get the long knight and the prophecy of the song of fire and ice per the book. Where the entire 7 kingdom have to be United under a targaryen king and maybe the knight king wasn’t the only one. Maybe he was just the 1st run at it but there might be multiple or even another one. Either way we better get the king knight and the prophecy better come true. Like a full season of long night

ImSuperSage says:

John got did probably the dirtiest

Xaero says:

Bran better become the new Night King!

Stormy Weathers says:

I would love to see John Snow (Kit Karrington) come back

Feawen Inglorin says:

I hope daenerys comes back from the death and burn all of them

Anthaleus says:

Perhaps, he rebuilds the Iron Throne.

Tom Bystander says:

Have a feeling they r about to retcon what they can of s8

Zach Edwards says:

This makes me so happy!!!!!!!!

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