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Fortnite Season 4 – Chapter 3 | Battle Pass Trailer

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FIRST LOOK at Fortnite Chapter 3 SEASON 4!

Our FIRST LOOK At Fortnite SEASON 4!

Fortnite Leaked 50% of the Battle Pass (Season 4!)

Fortnite SEASON 4 Final Teaser!

fortnite chapter 3 season 4 battle pass trailer
fortnite chapter 3 season 4


Coldside says:


Noobs15 says:

Bro got 3 right then the rest was wrong

Davi says:

Battle pass please😶

Leah Williams says:

I rate the battle pass a 10000⁰

Leah Williams says:

I'm vipousear

Keagan bucksbee says:

I'm hype!!!!!!

Sulfab Ahmed says:

My epic is is sollo-boy

Robert Layugan III says:

Geno is not level 100 it’s spider quen

Robert Layugan III says:

The secret skin in chapter 3 season 4 is not Nemis it’s the bloom watcher the one at the end of the trailer 😊

D3liveryYT says:

10 out of 10 only because of Michael myers

King Moreno says:

Have can I have the front blatlpas and my episode finite up at is kingsb_559

Ramona Phillips says:

He is a faker

TloTlo Plays says:


Kingkongbody Fta says:

I should buy her

james britt says:

My Fortnite user name is Dark_Dove867

Archbald says:

Done I’m subscribed and my username is Boy_Billionare1

Robert Pattinson says:

You ain't excited of Doc cause you're from a different generation

Yasin_bekler says:

Your Van my Skin sibrois

Tshepiso Mokhali says:

TTT wind 32

Ryan Ing says:

10/10 because I love doc brown

bob bauer says:


{weeb mina} says:

Tiny death7070

Stephen Haddow says:


Colin Beck says:

It’s chrome

Raphaël Matthys says:

Logeren naar

nima1385 _ni says:

Hey 👋 I want battle pass my ID: bradgraysr

Charles Mafa says:

I really need this battle pass

Jose Salguero says:

Can I get the battle pass please I subscribed and I put a light button I also put the belt on families really poor I have to play on a PS4 and we barely have Internet so I just want the Fortnite battle pass please let me know a lot to me my username is wary_kid5 And my parents are losing the house I just want the battle pass please and God bless you

astarkey11 says:

Masterchief 4176

Nathan and fortnite says:


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