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Fortnite SEASON 4 Battle Pass (LEAKED)

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Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 3 Battle Pass REVEALED!
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iRushAlways says:

Rate the Season 4 Battle Pass So Far? 👀

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Trailer

▶️ https://youtu.be/WiCCl-tdiH0

Summer Lynch says:

Spider Gwen from ohio

Salad says:

"Emo meowscles" yall are dumb as hell

Vaskezz says:


Camron Critch says:

Spider qwen was edited but they actually was in this seasons battle pass

Felicity Nutting says:

I have all of them mate so shut up

Pengy says:

👇 Future gang

Dreamer says:

i̵͓͙̱͚̎͟ g̴̶̛̮̣͙͠û̶͙̽̿͆̈ę̷̵̧̖̫̗̆̊s̩͙͖̋͛͟s̩͙͖̋͛͟ ẅ̷̷̢̟͇͈̒ę̷̵̧̖̫̗̆̊ ă̶̸̝ͦ͊̿͋͞r̶̷̲͍̭͐̾̀͟ę̷̵̧̖̫̗̆̊ i̵͓͙̱͚̎͟n̷̶̯͉̊̽̐ͦ͘ t̴͕͖͓̀h̶̯̰̝̻̿̓͢ę̷̵̧̖̫̗̆̊ f̷̵̫̞̉͢û̶͙̽̿͆̈t̴͕͖͓̀û̶͙̽̿͆̈r̶̷̲͍̭͐̾̀͟ę̷̵̧̖̫̗̆̊ n̷̶̯͉̊̽̐ͦ͘ȍ̸̢̢̮͚̐̚ẅ̷̷̢̟͇͈̒

Chase’s channel says:

Hi I’m from the future he is right

Mike gaming says:

I thought the queen skin would be added

SeekNDkill4987 says:

Bro spider Gwen look messed up like look at her she practically a guy

«Blitzo_Boss» says:

That ain’t spider Gwen that’s spider gwent 😂

xavier the Voltz says:

Pov : ur looking this in season 4

F says:

Rn I’m watching this vid and the season already came out it’s almost done literally 1 month and 3 fourths left

chad maili says:

it already came out

Jaylynn Vela says:

Jordanog 45 plz gift me

Megan Tee says:

It’s already out

Nekole Reyes says:

Emo Meow Skulls it’s definitely me🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Bomber o_o says:

You are correct

A red panda lover says:

Why does the spider gwen look like a dude

Sharon Llewellyn says:

kinda cool i cant wait

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