FORTNITE POKI EMOTE IS BACK! | April 8th Item Shop Review

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Fortnite Item Shop Review Poki is back


Padaw8n says:

Make sure to use code Padaw8n when you cop the Poki emote

Also here is the link to the Anime pack review:

Rosa parks says:

Bruh I missed it

Maria guadalupe Garcia says:

Is it still?there

Kaiden McDowell says:

do a face reveal

Lumi_ Nos says:

Elle aime Is paddle YouTube

Im just COLJEX says:

I an here like every video and subscribing and love your vids bro

soulkicker761 says:

You forgot the bottom

Eric Antonson says:

😔 i have no reason to own poki because all of the 5 year olds are gonna have it because it was rare at one point so they think its cool. Rip OG poki i dont want it anymore. I got it like a year and a half ago

Jaxy Dylan says:

U forgot the anime girls lol

Yoswqtix says:

And my name is yoswqtix

Yoswqtix says:

Pad can you add me it would make my day you are one of my favorite YouTuber

Brian Roper says:

Is it true that fish sticks comes out every 90 days???

times thegamer says:

I got it now yess

Gaming with Stylish says:

The anime bundle is out

Ali Mete Aran says:

new packet also comed

Harris Grimes says:

Your so right Mack Walker

Riley B says:

Just a a big heart attack poki is out

נויה vanny says:

OMG poki so cool😍 circilr tracr5

Jimmy *P says:

Friends Family Padaw8N fans hello there

Greek Stars says:

There’s the anime pack that u didn’t show ಠ_ಠ

Phil Solak says:


Hughman says:

You forgot the anime pack

Shivam Ramyar says:

I had poki:(

Sabby Kuffman says:

Look closely at the chomp . Jr
Is this going to be a new pickaxe In the near future?

Hatsune miku the baddie says:

Can you gift it to me plz 🥺🥺🥺
My epic is Vi-nilla-

Dejan Cartl says:

Plis gift poki dance😰😰😰

0 ping bella says:

hey man i justed started YouTube Maybe Can we play ik you think im a kid that just subed to you but a fact is i watch all your streams i just could not type in chat I would love to just play 1 or 2 games with my favort youtuber if not is is ok i benn watching your streams seance 9K SUBS PLEASE I LOVE YOU SM KEEP UP THE GRIND!!❤️😁

DNZ Oyun says:

Finally man

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