Foolio – "Whip Bump" (Official Music Video)

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“Whip Bump” on all Platforms –

Directed by @catchrecmedia
DP @brandon.Juliano
1st AC @mattmarks

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Gemini Hoover says:

He did that 👏

Roger Evans says:

I’m the shit like number 2 but number 1 😫😩😩😩

Jay Magic says:

King von no flaws

Dillinger6200 says:

This should b at 50 million

Scotty Wick says:

Still think folks sleep own jit💯👌🏾🔥
#Love from dade county my boi✊🏾🙌🏾


We like shooting 🅾️🐍🐍 cuz itz fun

Fredrick Simmons says:

I swear yo stuff way better than ace I’m vining to this in this shower

Xaiver Howard says:

Hard 😈💜💜

Vernal Brake6184 says:

He reminds me of king Von brooo

KandaPanda says:

Those School Bus stairs been spittin truth since I was a young man…. even almost 20 years ago, the stairs (worn down by kids) were straight talkin and said "Watch Yo Step…." ….so, in Sharpie, I added "…or you br trippin, fool."


Miles McWayne says:

I'm tha shit like #2, but I'm #1

Trace Herron says:

My nephew just turned me onto you! I love your lyrics! Me and God love you!

Jaidyn Harris says:

Lil uzi should hop on dis

TylerMontana TV says:

This shit kinda catchy

TylerMontana TV says:

Can u drop all music on Apple Music

Lito Grafix says:

This what uzi mean when he say niggas copy his style

HiMyName IsNeo says:

Columbine Mentality to the world

Kilo Tray says:


2icy says:

Ion fuh wit ncas like I’m trump😈

Kayden Levi says:

Dang kta that hit

funAngle_Salad says:

😘U should work 💝with Soulja boy 😆

Juggaho says:

perks and guns? like call of duty? cuz percocet would be percs.. dumb ass junkies.

maxie9004 says:


Louisiana Mentality says:

Da Shit Like #2, But #1! Ok Whipp!! 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

Us and them says:

I havent heard a miss yet all his songs hit

Mama There Goes That Man says:

No bodies or opps… buzz died, this was the end of his run right here, went from millions of view to barely getting 25k per song now

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