Foolio "Handle Business" (Official Music Video)

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Foolio “Handle Business” Official Music Video

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Shot by LewisYouNasty

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Marc zoe says:

How you know voodoo but you said you ain’t Haitian

Jesus Diaz says:

Keep droppiing hits homie this shit tight showing love from AZ

Sherife Davis says:

They brave I give em that. They also illiterate, skinny, and prime rib where they going.

Niecy Nettles says:

The rawest I love you foolio

Roderick c Commander says:

Bru goin hard

Mattie Hollingsworth says:

You go be my 1st feature when i get on

Mattie Hollingsworth says:

414 love my boy

Juan Saucedo says:


Jeremy Tetreault says:

Dude looks like the jellyfish in shark tale

oii imabot- says:

ngl this nigga went off on dis beat

Alex Koski says:


Phillip Romero says:

No talent! Sounds like every other rapper lol

Big 092MLBOA says:


OTM Damoni says:

Talk yo shit foolio

Hazy Views says:

Lmao Smith and "Weston", that shit kills me every time he says that.

Zane Massie says:

He reminds me of von

GenericMane LongLiveXNPeep says:

Man's too cold with it!
Big up from Scotland

John Wayne says:

When he said "I got voodoo on my body no need to sacrifice'" dat part🤧

JaredSATX says:

Protect Foolio at all costs 🙏🏼

Mac smurch says:

I'm a ruff rider ride with them rifles fuck that's hard as fuck 🤞

Ali Shaik says:

This hard 🔥

Keaton Bicknell says:

“I used to rock AND1s, now I rock Balenciagas…” 🔥🔥🔥

Robrt N says:

Have you been offered a record deal yet or what?

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