FNAF: Security Breach Gameplay Trailer: The Full Analysis (Five Nights at Freddy's Theories)

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After reacting to the new Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach gameplay trailer in the previous video and quickly analyzing it to see what we could find, today we return to take a more indepth look. This full breakdown and analysis of the FNAF Security Breach gameplay trailer contains theory discussion and speculation on all new information found within. What is Vanny up to and how is she working with Glitchtrap? What will the gameplay consist of? How will the environments and characters work during gameplay? And what about the overall story of FNAF Secuirty Breach? Well sit back, relax and let’s take a look at things you may have missed in this new trailer from Scott Cawthon and Steel Wool Studios.

You’ve been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was a look at the new Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach gaemplay trailer. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.

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Patricia Spencer says:

The arm at the end is not purple, the light it puple and is light the arm itself purple

Benjamin Furtado says:

I think the second voice is Afton but not springtrap or glitchtrap the one fnaf 6

Fariz Lahabu says:

I have all fnaf game but i download it for FREE because i download fnaf with happymod

Enzo Miguel Tentativa says:

My theory is that remeber the bonnie bowl? Glitchtrap and vanny used bonnie as the first sacrifice for glitctrap to use bonnie's exoskeleton so he can be revived

robo 8000 says:


ᗰIᒪO says:

Am I the only one thinking the arm is Michael aftons?

Katlynn Brooks says:

Okay that bunny is making my skin crawl

Drv1x says:

ngl I would KILL just to see that mall irl

super smash ultimate with golden freddy godzilla says:

Vanessa could be attack by Roxy or Monty and the moon animatronics or even vanny maybe glam rock freddy Gregory and her they could defeat vanny and the boss the physics form of glitch trap

honeyandjosh says:

Well the tickets number thing means the more ticket to collect the more how do you unlock the weird Friday that protects you

Avin Prim says:

Yay fusionzgamer is credited

Taijo Crowe says:

Bonnie and foxy could be In the archive

Taijo Crowe says:

The voice that says you will bring me what I want is Monty and he is talking to chica and roxanne

Brandy Baird says:

I forgot glam rocks Freddy because he says I think she found us as Vanny

foxquee says:

.fnaf has come so far. there are a bunch of things i'm excited for, cause as you know

Cobra2Cold says:

God bless are they gonna release the game god damn

Random Bot Dude says:

I thought that the last voice was just william Afton again after he started yelling. They don’t sound too different tbh

Larwo FL says:

What if the 8 is 8 nights …

Shocker Blitz says:

Once again. we Gather here for theories. damn it brings back memories.

jeffery woods says:

I would like to say something I think this the only game without any foxy iteration. Roxanne the wolf does not count at all.

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