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Fish Biologist reacts to "Shark Tier List" by TierZoo

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I read most if not all comments, so feel free to ask questions, but If I don’t get back to you, stop into a twitch stream and ill answer whatever you need.

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SafE 42 says:

sleeper shark pretty OP and should deffinately be added to the tier list.

Kamataros says:

I think tierzoo makes their tierlists based off of 3 concepts:
1. how well they do scientifically speaking, (apex predators are higher than things that just float around the world or just die when you look at them) and then looking at individual animals and not the entire species (if the gameplam for salmon is that 90% of them just die while swimming up the stream, thats not ideal)
2. How well they are doing in comparison to the other contenders in the specific tierlist (if there is a frog tierlist, and a whale tierlist, whoever lands in frog-S-tier still has no chance against a killer or a sperm whale (if said whales would even be interested in eating a frog)
3. How much fun they would be to actually play in a videogame. (The AFK basking shark strategy is just boring compared to hunting as a bull shark. But i guess theres people interested in idle games)

darkmaster says:

Pretty sure whale sharks arnt even sharks

Magma Studios says:

"Fresh water servers"

floppydeers says:

3:15: at least the SAW has a bipod for increased accuracy

Farmboy Tan says:

Seriously I'll put filter feeding sharks on A tier, they're so so so creative and innovative.

webbess1 says:

I wish more biologists reacted to TierZoo.

Philip Pontes says:

Really disappointed that the sand tiger shark the goblin shark and my personal favorite the oceanic white tip aren’t on this list those are solid A and B tiers

774 says:

Filter feeding sharks are just worse whales

Zenax Productions says:

What? Man you bash saw fish every time you see them and now you defend them. I feel like you just want to play devil advocate here

Toasty The Acid says:

You look a bit like @ChadTheCreator

Alpharius says:

How is it that the carcharodons didn’t make the list

Alchemy says:

The thing is, Tierzoo not only ranks the species as a whole, but also their playstyles. Basking shark and whale shark might be successful, but griefing only low-levels and weaker players (eating plankton that has 0 chance to fight back) is widely considered a cowardly and dirty strategy in any game.
It is cool to see it from your perspective though!

Ste Mill says:

And where was the Fish Biologist?

boazleb says:

Why all of this is basically Shark Overwatch

sawy sauce says:

Melee is for babies

Vision but I’m not dead says:

Thresher shark and blue shark are definitely my fav (and whale sharks)

Made By A Moron says:

Where tf is the greenland shark

Maximus Xavier says:

2:38 Well this ABSOLUTELY changed over the months, huh?

Oliver says:

The true SS tier shark from an evolutionary perspective is the spiny dogfish

chris garcia says:

at least put his channel in description

bluerisk says:

Tierlist didn't put the whale shark in F but in C tier (=> solid build). And as he pointed out himself: this build is dwelling on using a niche, and niche players get in big trouble when their niche collapses, and they will always be limited to that niche. It also takes a lot of time and energy (=> offsprings) to have a few players making it to the final stage.

So I think this ranking is fair and square. He is not dismissing this build, but it is not as successful or dominant like other shark builds who have become apex predators and the ruling class.

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