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Exploring a New Transparent Solar Cell Breakthrough

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Exploring a New Transparent Solar Cell Breakthrough. Go to to sign up for free. And also, the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership. We’ve been seeing a wave of innovations in solar panel technology, like perovskite solar cells, solar tiles and roofs, and organic panels. But what if we could harvest solar energy from the windows and skylights of our homes and skyscrapers, or even from our car windows and cellphone screens? Let’s explore transparent solar panels and how they stack up against conventional panels. Could transparent solar cells be the future of solar energy? Or does it remain to be unseen?

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Undecided with Matt Ferrell says:

Do you think we'll see transparent solar on most of our buildings … maybe even cars, laptops, and smartphones in the future? If you liked this video, be sure to check out Exploring Why This Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Matters: h

Devon Blake says:

I’m guessing this will be mainstream 120 years from now.

Exchequer Guy says:

Solar energy is only as good as the ability to cheaply store it.

Crass Flam says:

Transparent solar cells are an oxymoron. You realize that right? You need to capture the light to get energy from it, and nobody is clamouring for over-expensive windows that are less efficient or simply inefficient.

Nielo Gan says:

Great video, but one slight error. You won't see this on mobile devices as it'll induce net loss in power.

Surface area is too small and the phone will end up using more energy to counter reduced transparency

Kantnklaar says:

Vehicle's glass would be a cool way to apply this i think

Lawrence H. says:

All extra power is worth it along with their other benefits.

Michael Hill says:

This is "Total BS with Matt Ferrell"…Yet another channel where a scientifically illiterate dork who bought a Tesla pretends to be an Engineer and pushes "sustainable design/green energy" scams on people who don't know any better.

James Thompson says:

Matt's right: we'll have micro-solar generation EVERYWHERE. Much of it low-efficiency but if ubiquitous it adds up. Meanwhile grid-scale solar generation (& residential too) continues to plummet in cost: we're headed long-term for a Star Trek future. Abundant electric power at near zero cost (will never be zero as we'll still need transmission grid).

boris choteau says:

What about EROI ? If transparent solar cell is 1% efficient, how can it make sense, large area or not ?

Thomas Lee says:


Acceptance of this massive international Fraud perpetrated by the corrupt UN's IPCC is nothing less than criminal. They inundate the science news cabal with stories of impending doom that never actually occur. As we see their disaster predictions come and go and nothing that has been happening for millennia ever changes. Most knowledgeable climate scientists who are not on the IPCC payroll decry the UN's disgusting use of Marxist propaganda for their evil. But is anyone listening?

The beneficiaries of the Global Warming movement are the Communist Chinese and Russian dictators. Meanwhile China uses more coal fired energy plants than other country in the world.

Thus, so-called "climate-change" is nothing more than a Marxist cudgel to beat us senseless and into submission. But the hypocrisy of the Communist theft is there to see if you are open enough to look for it.

Those who are behind this transfer our money directly to the 3rd world despots who run the UN. This supports their criminal enterprises across the globe. Unfortunately, the US middle class is made to pay for this fiasco and Marxist politicians in the US leave us with no defense against it! Weapons like the AOC Green New Deal are thus allowed to steal our wealth and turn our planet into a massive slave state.

World In Midst of Carbon Drought (w/ Prof. William Happer, Princeton University)
The world renowned Dr. William Happer tells why this reckless fraud is so bad for humanity.

Scientists around the world are banding together and rejecting the Global Warming lie.

ojbeez says:

Why don't you get transparent solar cells for your glasses?

Matthias Bruck says:

This is clearly the future … becaus e the energy is not only produced in these buildings but also consumed … becaus with all the electricity needed in the electric future the transport of the energy is one of the bottlenecks … local production of locally needed energy is the solution … !!!

Wrong Time Weeder says:

I predict: Tesla will become a major employer in Australia, making car batteries.

Kimberly King says:


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Benoit Avril says:

Buildings hide each other, so your high surface means nothing in a forest of buildings.

elmolk says:

I didn't even know this was a thing let alone possible. This technology will/should definitely replace windows on all towers in 20-30 years.

Ed Bellamy says:

Love this channel. Would be nice to hear about the PowerPod wind turbine, another nice urban alternative

Kibo says:

Following this logic, people could simply use "normal" solar cells and cover the walls of their houses. The surface area of the walls is much higher than the window area of many houses anyway. The reason people don´t do this is that solar cells are still too expensive and they only put them where they get the most sunlight during the day.

So first of all: cheaper solar cells. Then, if every non transparent thing is covered with them, you can use the less effective transparent ones. Nevertheless, I think transparent solar cells look awesome and they have a lot of potential for awesome futuristic building designs.

matthewakian2 says:

A freaking good idea.

Rinsn says:

can you stack them and use all of the sunlight possible?

Joe G says:

“I’ll step on that in a minute.” Nice dad joke. I’m one and know wherever I tread.

Rocket89 says:

Oh god. All I could think of was “SoLaR FrEaKiN RoAdWaYs!!!!!!!” And @Thunderf00t screaming in “scientific” agony while falling into a dark logical fallacy hell.. 🤣🤣

Adam Carbone says:

what about photovoltaic glass over the, existing solar panels and capture twice as much

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