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Elon Musk's Real Reason To Own Twitter?

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Clip from Lew Later (Elon Musk Willing To Take $0 From Twitter) –

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Lawrence Osborne Jr says:

Biden will be 80 in November, that's crazy

Lawrence Osborne Jr says:

He could fix it and then resell it and collect all the data and profit twice

Lawrence Osborne Jr says:

I trust him more than bezos

PlanetMusk Vlog says:

Let me get this straight… for years social medias have been a black box owned and run by billionaires, and when people complained they were told to “make their own platform” or “this is a private company. Kick rocks”. But now that it is Elon Musk, you all are demanding an unprecedented level of transparency from him, and this is AFTER Elon stated that he will open source the Twitter algorithm?! What is wrong with this picture guys?!?!

DJ Kenny RecK says:

Out of all of the people that I would want to have access to that much data on a private basis would be Elon musk. Let's face it p majority of these data collection companies are ran by lefty loons.

Charlie Maynard says:

Trump 2024! Get him back on twitter then get rid of dominion voting system!

Vee P says:

Great commentary guys! I appreciate your insights. "One point of failure" etc. Thank You! We shouldn't all bow to "one god".. who is a (falable) man.

data is the new gold, literally as well as figuratively.

Literally as crypto, as well as tokenization of specific digital properties.

Also you have people trying to mimic your life via your data via Meta (aka FB, inc) to counter manipulate you in your real life. People are the Product. *,,,,

Chris Larson says:

I think Musk was disgusted when he met the board, so he thought "Fuck it, I'll just buy e company to fire these clowns."

Just my opinion.

CLAU CMG PC STUF !!! says:

3 bilion for zombiz apps !!! pam pam pam … probalbli 50 milin pepeal codov had homs and food and job ..ant wat du this pepeal do zombi apps thet si probalai 500%

DraK_DaRippa says:

stupid take

Fadhil Hussain says:

If this 24/7 live news idea was legit I actually think it would be cool for it to be global and the rotating team is comprised of people from various countries, so for example like from 4-6PM ET it’s US news from US anchors, then at like 12am ET it’s Japanese news from Japan anchors because it’s 4-6PM for them

Alhassane Gueye says:

Yet no one seems to worry about one guy controlling Facebook (3B users), Messenger(1B users), WhatsApp (2B users) and Instagram (1,4B users).

Twitter (400m active users)

Edit :
At least he's making the algorithm public and him sayin that fuck the financials mean he is not actually planning to sell our informations for $. Am sure Twitter gonna be secure with him

tiffsaver says:

It's called, FREE SPEECH.

Erik Owren says:

Business insider is such a rag. They just don’t want him making the algorithm public…

Adrian says:

CIA can already get any data from any platforms with a gag order on them.

Adrian says:

The CODE will be OPEN SOURCE . Everyone can see whats going behind the scenes. 🤦🤦🤦

Joel Stuart says:

You mean all the data that the hedge funds pay Twitter for Access of including all the politicians

James_The_Nihilist says:

Why doesn't he just start a new social media? He has recognition and the money!

Blank _ says:

Tiktok and china?

Blank _ says:

I’m hoping elon deletes Twitter

John Bosevski says:

Elon will own Twitter.

glen cecil says:

Also Elon wants to make the algorithm public.

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