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Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 11 Game Highlights

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Pham vy says:

Ironmouse's scream was so real =)

LeRoy Weiner says:

Kirk is f’ing terrible

Juan Vazquez says:

NFLs attempt to ice the kicker was conveniently cut out by NFL lol

charles markley says:

Can anyone say Pollard. The dude can play.

Phil O'Reilly says:

Real ones know Corys humor is high tier also rest in peace Stanley

Chucksenhowzen says:

Get rid of the woke “end racism” crap, 70% of the NFL players are black

John Dingle says:

"They are who we thought they were!"
–Denny Green.

Bruhblocks says:

what happened-the vikings went from beating the bills to losing by 37 points to the cowboys

janice murray-free says:

40 3 cowboys

Ariel Lewis says:

That tackle by Fowler at 9:50 was so ferocious that Cook looked back, “like yo why are tackling me like that”

Trinh hien says:

I love how they all sang this part from their heart lol 1:47:171:48:04 B)

Russell E Simonetta says:

Ouch!! Like watching Georgia against a third rate college team.

dilik mli says:

After the big win last week and all the injuries going into this game I had a feeling this game wouldn't be great but I didn't expect this. We need our guys back healthy and I hop

Malcolm Marshall says:

As Bob Seger sang, "Let the Cowboys ride!" Suck it up Cowboy haters

Blank Frank says:

Every cow has its day.

SparrowBe4k says:

What's wrong with the Vik OL?!?!?!?!?!?!

_Ayoo _Tae says:

Kirk thuggins eh? 😂

Deusdat says:

Poor Vikings! They looked like frightened peasants.

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