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BEST And WORST Weapons To Help You RANK Up – Splatoon 3 Tierlist

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Got a splatoon 3 weapons tierlist for yall after the game being out 1week now. Keep in mind this list is 100% opinionated and mainly meant for solo queue ranked so just because ur fav weapon may not be in a higher tier it does not mean it is bad and actually the game overall is really balanced currently mostly due to the limited amount of weapons we do have for right now. This is also a list for splatoon 3 launch so if new weapons get added or we get some serious changes ill keep updating the list for yall if these videos do well! Let me know ur own list in the comments below!
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E I guees says:

innacurate, sloshing machine should have its own tier

also a little confused as to why tetra is in s tier

Collie Ian, I ain’t a lyin’ says:

I do love my Jet Squelcher but personally I want an alt kit with Burst Bombs and Killer Wail 5.1.

nono no says:

Solid tier list 👍

Microtardz says:

A lot of this tier list seems decent, but:
– The hydra has a better kit than the heavy splatling. sprinkler is borderline useless. Wave breaker is a good defensive item, but offers little when needing to break into enemy territory.
– The ink brush has a better kit than the octobrush, and should be at least in the same tier as octo.
– The wiper is heavily underrated, its bomb combos almost as well as burst bombs do on the stamper, its faster basic attack & strafe speed are massive for it. Technically I think the stamper can be better than it. But I definitely wouldn't put the wiper in D tier with the mini and boozler.
– Squiffer is rated too high, there's too many weapons that do what it does better.
– Undercover brella is D tier it's basically a meme with its kit, and the splat brella arguably deserves B tier instead of A.

LoveTreePoint says:

Ink brush instantly goes up to A/A+ tier if yk what ur doing and/ or have a decent build

William Bates says:

U should use motion controld

MsArilyn says:

Sploosh, Aerospray and Splattershot Junior are among the best for leveling up, especially when at low level. Ink that turf !

knoqturnal1 says:

Isnt the splatana a new weapon?

Sephiroth2345 says:

Hero shot replica?

Antus Fire Nova 64 says:

Maybe doing S,A,B,C,D instead of having A+ and A would have been more appropriate
But otherwise interesting tierlist

SlimBalls says:

Well looks like the running gag is still going strong. It's always my favorite weapon class that starts off in low tier.
First Bamboozlers, then Dualies, then Splatanas.

SmellsLikeMeltingPlastic says:

Paint brush b tier??? Lol what the

Chonketh says:

The clickbait thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣

jose pena says:

Thank you so much for this

Randy Nelson says:

Glad to hear the tri-stringer getting some love. Good video!

allanxbarahona says:

You have the dualie squelchers and the dark tetra reverse in the rank list. Also you confused their sub and specials.

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