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BEST And WORST Weapons To Help You RANK Up – Splatoon 3 1.2.0 Tierlist

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Got a splatoon 3 1.2.0 updated weapons tierlist for yall after the game being out 2monthes now. Keep in mind this list is 100% opinionated and mainly meant for solo queue ranked so just because ur fav weapon may not be in a higher tier it does not mean it is bad and actually the game overall is really balanced in ur mid-low tier ranks currently mostly due to the limited amount of weapons we do have for right now but kinda the same stuff being played every game in the high tiers. This is also a list for splatoon 3 1.2.0 so if new weapons get added or we get some serious changes ill keep updating the list for yall if these videos do well! Let me know ur own list in the comments below!
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chris allin says:

Great video on the updated weapon balance! I have been looking all over for a video like this.

The OG says:

I’d say that the Tetras aren’t outclassed by the Dualie Squelchers due to its better ink efficiency and mobility. It is a harder weapon to use and is more reliant on kills because it can’t turf, but it differentiates itself by its extra dodge rolls, which allows the Tetras to fulfill a more aggro role and pick off weakened or distracted opponents, since it doesn’t need turf control as much as other weapons do.

SosoGrea7 says:

Keep seeing the Reef flux missed on tier lists.

Dante Grazioli says:

Loving the splatoon 3 stuff! Thanks!

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