Autistic SUPERPOWERS!!! – with Dr Natalie Engelbrecht, Martin Silvertant and Tom Gisler

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Do YOU have autistic superpowers?? – Find out in this weeks episode.

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Jerri Atkins says:

So many reasons to nod along with this one, for sure! I think a lot of us are standing at the point of self-actualization in our journey. We are tired and battle-weary by the time we ever find that autism is the key that fills in all the blank and confusing parts of our lives and FINALLY gives us the ability to look at ourselves and understand so much! It's mind-boggling to suddenly become aware of how and why we don't, haven't and never will fit in to the established and accepted people molds available today. We are just going to have to put all our superpowers together and make a plan, people! There's lots more where we came from and I live in hope of not one more neuro-diverse person wasting any of their life simply existing, when they should be able to fully explore and expand their personal superpowers for the good of all. Looking forward to next weeks chat!

BlackJoe23 says:

Yeah I really agree with the experience tom had. I've experienced the same thing after getting therapy. Like the world and the chronology of my life is not fragmented any longer. From what I've seen the way the netherlands deals with autism is a lot more mature

Meat Mosaic says:

I was listening to this in the car with my GF and I think her being able to hear other people talking about what she sees me doing and experiencing really helped her to understand better. She made several comments to me and I could see the light going on!

abc xyz says:

you wrote her name wrong. It is Engelbrecht 😀

Meat Mosaic says:

Great podcast! I really Enjoyed it!

Flying Falcon says:

AIRCRAFT MECHANIC!!! You had me there! And what was said about thinking through scary situations, spinning an airplane and getting stuck back in a cave (spring) it really helps.

Wens Trends says:

I love when you interview Dr. Natalie and Martin. I love your topic, and Thomas you have such a gift interviewing people.

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