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Around the Balkans in 20+ Days (Part 1/5)

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15 years after hosting Europe’s ugliest civil war since the Holocaust, VICE takes a road trip across the remnants of Old Yugoslavia.

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While most of us were still hung up on grunge, the republics of the former Yugoslavia spent the early 90s hung up on seceding into their own countries and mass-murdering people over infinitesimal ethnic differences. And the mid 90s. And the late 90s. To commemorate 12 years without a major attempted genocide, we decided to rent a Yugo and take a road trip through the Balkans to see what’s going on and try to wrap our thinkers around what was up with all that ethnic cleansin’.

Our first stop: A nostalgic amusement park in northern Serbia that recreates Marshall Tito’s Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with startling accuracy and grimness.

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