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42 Dugg – SOON (feat. Arabian) [Official Music Video]

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42 Dugg’s ‘SOON’ out now:

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#42Dugg #Arabian #SOON

Music video by 42 Dugg performing SOON. 4PF/CMG/Interscope Records; © 2022 CMG/Interscope Records

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Slapping them subs

Anthony Inclan says:

I’ll see this message in the Future when I have A Baby 🌀✨

theiren mould says:

“Tell me Wherever you at you need me nothing can change your mind neither”

Anthony Inclan says:

Soon, I’ll be Backin’ Myself
Sooon🔥, I’ll need Nobody Else 💯 Big Z

Genies Fashion says:

Love everything with this 🙏🏻

Alex P says:

This shit ass I’m sorry

Madam Guu says:


Dooley Jae says:

Felt his pain

kamala muchhu says:

Good video


Prasanna Peram says:

Nice video 👌👌👌

J Ar says:

if you thnk you used to this sht you not.

Visionary916 says:

This my Shit rn tough 🖤🖤

johnny nlow says:

Free Doggy we miss you

No Comp says:

Stevewilldoit brought me here 🙏🏼

iamAlexander05 says:

So nice to see a “rapper” have so versatility and not sound the same everytime

John Warnstaff says:

It says your not dating but had a baby. Lol. Those lyrics make no sense if you really listen to them

Jimilian Lambert says:

Stay up 42 Dugg ⬆️😈life does get hard sumtimes 🙇🏻‍♂️been there lately Tough times don’t last very long dawg

Adam Free says:

Ok. Ap.1017

SergOnDaBeat says:

42 dugg x lil baby


Goat duo 😭 yo
Reel Nggas never die

Laxavion Britt says:

Stay focus fam we got this don't never stop believing 💯 AMEN11

Mr Robinson says:

42 dugg poured his hurt out on this one! Keep going fam blessings.

Emma Ivy says:

42 dugg has a big heart , God please keep this man alive

Bobby Bustos says:

42 Dugg been going off lately! Everything him and EST Gee have together is fire!

Bang Records says:

I love this. So beautiful and powerful at the same time ❤️

Kenneth Williams says:

great height to the indigenous fed up moments and fire all you in charge for letting it happen, but other then that what's up cause doc needs patients that you find helping you completing a cycle of redundancy and accept new as a testament of happiness!

6lonny6oy says:

Fodaaa, estou perdido nisso.

Jovanna Persson-Aviles says:

Nice 🤩👌🏼

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