2020 Italian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Monza produces an absolute classic as we crown a brand new winner in Formula 1!

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Alpha Wolf says:

Here after Danny Ric won in 21

M TELYA says:

Given Hamilton's line, if Max would have just backed out a little bit on turn 1 and positioned his nose properly, he would have gotten a great tow from Hamilton coming out of turn 2, and maybe he could have overtaken him b4 turn 4, as Hamilton was on colder tyres. But he got too greedy, and thought he could shove his way into the lead by going onto the sausage kerb. Bad decision, Verstappen's lack of experience is causing some serious problems for RB, this is his third no-points finish for the season, and he will be on the back-foot in Russia. I think both championships will easily go to Merc.

Sumin Shizzles says:

Que screaming and a lowering of your healphone volume. This screaming is worse than a cycling finale.

Earth DailyKE says:

Here to see how Sainz and Raikonen got it right in 2020.

PS: This is after Lewis, Verstapen crash in Monza 2021 at the same corner.

Shell Dahl says:

Verstappen has had several too easy wins where he has exposed his aggressive attitudes and racing style.

His boldness has increased to a dangerous level!

Tadle says:

who came here after Daniel Ricciardo won

Nedim Mehmedovic says:

Who is back here after another midfield team wins a race in Monza again? 😀

Shell Dahl says:

According the argumentations after the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and what happened at the first lap – it is OBVIOUS that Max Verstappen is at fault !!!

… just a look at the positions at the entrance to the first turn of the chicane tells all you need to know !!!

Max again shows his aggressive and dangerous driving style – and Perez is penalized for the same! The atmosphere in the RedBull team is creating these problems.

Max did not even check on Lewis if he was OK – DISGUSTING attitude !!!

Lewis Hamilton is always reasonable in his reactions and comments❣
Max Verstappen is childish blaming others and refuses to realize his own errors and faulty actions!

Anthony Toby Ellenor says:

F1’s fastest ever lap was set at Monza – Juan Pablo Montoya drove 260.6km/h for Williams during practice for the 2004 Italian Grand Prix. "" This stat gives you all an idea of how F1 has been throttled back in terms of speed and why it is not as interesting as it used to be !! They reduced exhaust noise, limited the revs, stopped refuelling and allowed batteries as powertrain assists so F1 became a testbed for the very rich firms that wanted to compete.

Le Patron says:

It's tradition to come back to this vid and listen to the amazing words by Crofty at 7:18

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