2020 Bahrain Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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A day for relief rather than celebration after Romain Grosjean’s gut-wrenching crash. The 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix put F1 drivers, teams and fans through every emotion.

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nie no rmalny typ says:


Kokhuei Ng says:

In parallel universe of 2020 F1 season

Gr*sj**n accumulate 12 penalty points after Turkish GP

One race ban in Bahrain GP

His horrific accident never happen

Continue to race from Sakhir GP until Abu Dhabi GP

Retire and keep hatred as usual (as it should be)

Georgek19 says:

I'm so glad Romain is ok.

Bayani Jr Flores says:

GWS Romain. Haas will remember you

CastledCard says:

Netflix made it look like he was in that fire for like 3 minutes

Tim Jobs says:

Keep pushing for all teams

Colin Pugh says:

Worse than any other crash this decade.

Dhani The Great says:

2:51 Comrade Kvyat did his job

Iwan Raven says:

If the contact between Romain and Kvyatt was rear wheel to barge board, it’s either romain going in at an angle vertically, or both cars going into the barrier rather heavily

Gamer 3995 says:

Kvyat created both of those crashes

Mrduck says:

The fact that goerjeon survived going trough a barrier was insane

WolfyOneT00 says:

Poor Kvyat, He has to deal with the guilt of spinning Stroll and shunting Grosjean.

Edit: I know its not Kvyats fault, he left stroll so much space and Grosjean turned into him

Kevin Goss says:

Man, Grosjean's crash still gives me chills… I remember seeing it the first time. I thought for sure that he wasn't going to make it. I was both relieved and amazed when I saw him crawling from what was left of his car. He was the luckiest man in the world that evening.

Tyler W says:

If FIA never gave us the Halo for F1 we wouldn't have a former f1 driver with us today.

Mr. Muscle says:

Ben abdulhamit

max says:

Aarava made a video of Last man standing right before the race. Down the main straight lap 1, his rear got lifted and sent him into a barrier. It was at Bahrain.

andrewnduati says:

I still cannot believe Grosjean survived that crash….

Aiden shorter says:

Has anyone else realised that the the first 2 crashes are dani kyviats fault

Frieza says:

This narrator is STILL making my ears bleed at the start of the games to this day

Finlay Massie says:

We need to replace David croft. complete muppet and showed no concern at all.

Probably because it wasn't lewis..

Samdagorilla19 says:

Kvyat hit both Grojean and Stroll.

Arihant Sharan says:

woah! Williams is fast?
Latifi made a fastest lap in 14th Position 3:13

$əs3rt0rñådø says:

Disgusting how the commentator kept his high pitch excited voice while and after seeing the big ball of fire. I remember watching the race with Italian commentary and immediately the voices changed from first lap excitement to scared and fearful ones for the driver's life. Shame on the British commentary!!!

Legierwen says:

I hope Max didn't celebrate his 2nd place and had a minute of silence for Grosjean. If he didn't, then we can forget Silverstone 2021.

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