2020 Austrian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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All the best bits from a frantic and fabulous opening race of the 2020 F1 season… Austria = awesome!

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3:43 Seconds before disaster

Jamie. Green says:

I love Austria

Stavros M says:

Hamilton didnt let Albon get his 1st win….

Bwoah says:

Wait, was this bottas firts grand slam?

Claudio Marucci says:

la mercedes puo' buttare fuori tutti senza penalita' importanti anno comprato anche i giudici fanno solo schifo se non ci fosse verstappen la f1 non la vedrebbe nessuno e' un dormitoio

Claudio Marucci says:

max e' un pilota molto sfortunato con piu' furtuna non ci sarebbe storia e' il piu' forte in assoluto

Milan David says:

Albon in 2020: this guy is such a sore loser
Albon in 2021: has the gracious job of recreating lewis' incidents
Alonso: KARMA

IgniS says:

Lando just picked up the fastest lap to scrape a 3rd place from Hamilton. What a commitment.

LIPO TV says:

Well done norris!

Yuval Gupta says:

lewis hamilton is a sore loser that's fs spain 2016 brazil 2019 austria 2020 silverstone 2021

Reuben Reyes says:

0 Red Bulls finished

Whatyoudo says:

wow, 5 seconds for deliberatley punting a competitor…wow!

Red's Report says:

deeenggg thats same spot with Max 2021!

SteveMonkey says:

yes valtteri

MajorTeenageIssues says:

Leclerc after the race: Comment diable ai-je obtenu un podium dans un tracteur rouge?

Ilias Moufakkir says:

Where's magnussen.

Son Goku Ultra Instict [Official Channel] says:

Esteban Ocon's First Victory was in Hungary GP 2021

LeBob Jane says:

1:22 didn’t even show the other 3 DNFs

Charlie Cribbin Remnant says:


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