2018 Monaco Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Who’ll rule the streets at the 65th Monaco Grand Prix?

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Wingbar says:

Whose here after his redemption win at Monza? 🙋🏻‍♂️

Unmistified 22 says:

Who’s here after Ricciardo just won Monza!

Lauren Sosa says:

no no no no max deserves that win

Risky Risky Wiggy Wiggy says:

What did you do

TheJokerit19 says:

Ricciardo's victory drought is finally over.

tortellini says:

he did it again

racePath says:

Im here before y’all. Claim your Monza 2021 ticket

Rika Diestro says:

I miss seeing daniel being on the podium. When can we get another shoey:(

Eren Nova says:

Hooooly tomorrow… Cheers boys… Redemption!

Julia Pellin Demenek says:


Eren Nova says:

Redemption day! Come Daniel let's get that 8th!

Coolshark Racing says:

I just noticed at 3:14 it is last name instead of an actual driver. Am i first to notice?

Shadowguy128 says:

Fun fact: This race, Indy 500, And Coca Cola 600 happened on that day

Πανος Κριντας says:

Κανένας Έλληνας εδώ από 2021;;

Felix Livesey says:

Anyone else realise when verstappen overtook sainz it said last name p1?😂

BartisieQ says:

look in 2:08 from alonso to gasly (i mean read the tires from alonso going bottom to gasly)


🇭🇲 Riccardo 🇩🇪Vettel 🇬🇧 Hamilton

WetDogCereal says:

And the Monaco curse for Charles began

gigas81 says:

some of these FORMULA 1 engine issues are funny. are these race engines made out of packing paper? hehe

Robert Whitton says:

DAniel Ricciardo The master of Monaco Born in Perth Western Australia in 1989

Maximumfilms says:

"holy tomorrow" still one of my favorite f1 quotes ever

Bryant says:

i wish Riccardo would have stayed at Red Bull

Yuvraj Dudhal says:

Leclerc fans : this was bad I hope he does great next year
Me after 2021 monnaco : Little did they know

HerStory says:

Man I can't get enough of this race

yogi wadyabratha says:

3 years after that, Verstappen become a winner at Monaco with the same team

Iramaia Santiago says:

o ricciardo vence em monaco em 2018

4Heed Indeed says:

such a great race

Edwin Meta says:

The joyous textbook immediately bare because deodorant intradurally hope unlike a parallel observation. tacky, oceanic timbale

kanaan_tv says:

3:15 look lastname number 14 in 1st place

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