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I put $10,000 behind a bullet proof glass safe and got Stephen Sharer the Hacksmith and the Funk Bros to try to break the unbreakable box!! An unbreakable mystery box with $10,000 lets see who wins the challenge.

WATCH THE REST OF THE VIDEOS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73LVesDcOzk&list=PL6KnNcsDq6r_AP8IxU4uqmsuyfCJjvSic&index=2&t=192s

Stephen Sharer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMw39UB1HPk&t=3s

the Hacksmith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN9V63Azc3I&list=PL6KnNcsDq6r_AP8IxU4uqmsuyfCJjvSic&index=2&t=4s

Funk Bros: http://youtube.com/funkbros

Grace Sharer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S74IU0_Lio&t=648s

Edited by: @jeremysevillano


  • bitcoinBitcoin$49,004.00
  • ethereumEthereum$3,274.47
  • cardanoCardano$2.89
  • binancecoinBinance Coin$493.30
  • tetherTether$1.00
  • rippleXRP$1.17
  • dogecoinDogecoin$0.293026
  • usd-coinUSD Coin$1.00
  • polkadotPolkadot$26.26
  • SolanaSolana$87.05


Xander Rasschaert says:

why arent they just unscrewing the bolts

Earth 244 says:

the hacksmith was the best out of all of them cuz everyone else took multiple days to open it and the hacksmith broke into the box in less than a day

kodn King of the Nuggets says:

How about you give the unbreakable box to the dangie bros?

The best channel you’ll ever see E V E R says:

1:32 what’s the music called


I know how to destroy it just put a sticky C4 on it or drop it out of a plane onto concrete

The best channel you’ll ever see E V E R says:

6:06 i kina lic diz giy

Rana Burair says:

Give it to demolition ranch

GNR MrNudle says:

10:34 that’s what she said

Morris Pro_x_gamer says:

Hacksmith:Hold my Stormbreaker

SomeGuyWhoLikesGames says:

Poor guy he’s being laughed at while trying to get the money at 9:20

Maureen Gratton says:

What's your name?

Maureen Gratton says:

What is your name

Supercar Expert Here says:

Ya know they could have gotten the money easily by unscrewing the bolts 🤦‍♂️

Deku7266 says:

If hack smith had his light saber from 2021 it’d be done in less than 10 min

Gover Kids says:

what if you just unscrew unscrew the bolts

Anja Mejlstrup says:

Acrylic made glass can be broken by hitting them for 5 minutes with a sledgehammer. Plus, a single rifle bullet is enough to break this glass. Polycarbonate is stronger than acrylic so it resists firmly even against powerful rifles. So you can't break such glass with a sledgehammer or rock

Pz 12 of project Zorger says:

Use of a down light saver

P_Diddy3737 says:

I love how they were laughing at the grandpa when he did more damage then there hole crew😮‍💨😎🤣

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