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🇰🇷🔥Korean Hiphop Junkie react to Crush (크러쉬) – 'Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS)' (ENG SUB)

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THE HUN says:

The HU- BII biyelgee reaction

Quân Trần says:

Reaction side effects-rhymastic ft b wine pleaseeeee

Mandahnaran 🍐 says:

Pls reaction to rokit bay the broke souls

Manh Tran says:

Please reaction "TẠI VÌ SAO- MCK"

Rebecca Ireland says:

Crush on his collab with J-Hope of BTS: "We've been talking a lot about music with each other for a long time. And while preparing for my new song, I realized that we shared similar goals and thoughts in terms of music. So I suggested him to join me."

J-Hope worked so hard during the recording, sweating and not even using the restroom. He kept saying 'Let's go one more time. I can do it better!' and I realized that he didn't get to his position for no reason. I came to respect him as a fellow artist."

J-Hope also starred in the music video without any hesitation. There were many scenes where I had to dance, and when I ran out of energy, he would invigorate me by my side. He also monitored the videos with me and coached me, and I'm very thankful."

Credits: KpopHerald

– Misis P.O.P 🎧

CE Gonzales says:

Enjoyed your comments and perspective!

Baterdene B says:

rokit bay – the broken souls (official music video) mongolian music video reaction man

Go Suck a Lemon says:

Yes. Michael Jackson and Motown. Bruno Mars and Andersen Paak of Silk Sonic. 🎉 Perfect collab! Very soulful. A lot of GROOVE!!! 😊 Gamsahabnida!!

Marina Bonetti says:

international fans are callin this "seoul sonic" like they are the korean silk sonic ahah

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